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Sep 6, 2013 04:38 AM

Chocolate Souffle

I've never had a chocolate souffle and my wife and I would like to eat someplace that serves it. Hopefully the rest of the menu would be decent as well. Preferable someplace in or around Scarborough but willing to travel for an outstanding meal.

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  1. Ici Bistro on Harbord has a chocolate griottine (a special type of French cherry) souffle on their menu. I haven't tried it, but I like their Grand Marnier souffle. I like the food at Ici.

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      +1. I've had both souffles at Ici and they are equally delicious. The chocolate is especially decadent.

    2. I would second Ici, the Grand Marnier Souffle was delicious. I'm not a souffle expert and kicking myself for not trying on during my recent Paris trip, but the one at Ici was very enjoyable.

      They are all made to order and when we were there, Chef Challet himself was preparing them and each one that came out of the kitchen looked perfectly made. Every table ordered one even though it was not cheap, $16 I believe.

      I haven't had the time to do a review here on Chowhound, but you can see some pictures of my dinner here:

      1. Now, you can give 'Sweet Note' a try!!! Better than Ici Bistro and at only half the price!!