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Sep 5, 2013 08:42 PM

Challah Hamburger Buns?

Just watched a TV show about burgers in the Chicago area, and the host went to a place in Evanston that serves their burgers on buns made with Challah Bread dough - they actually look like minature, round Challah loaves.

Where these are purchased wasn't mentioned in the show. Can anybody here save me a trip to Evanston?


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  1. Most of the kosher bakeries make challah rolls which means you will need to make a trek to wither Rogers Park - North Shore Bakery or Tel Aviv Bakery or to Skokie - Breadsmith

    The Jewel's in Skokie, Evanston and Highland Park I know also sell breads from those bakeries

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      Where does OP live? Some grocery stores in Chicago also sell Breadsmith. I've seen them at Market Place in Lincoln Park and at the Whole Foods store in Lincoln Park.

        1. re: sunbrace

          I'm a couple of blocks from the Pulaski / Belmont intersection. Does that help any with your recommendations?


          (Update: I just talked to the Breadsmith on Dempster Street in Skokie, and it sounds like they have exactly what I'm after. If so, then many, many thanks!!!)

          1. re: Iowegan

            The Jewel at Pulaski/Foster carries them with their Kosher breads, but not consistently.

      1. Z Bakery makes a very good challah roll that can be bought at all the local whole foods. Also, most Great Harvest Bread company frachises make a really great round challah and challah rolls that can be used as buns. Breadsmith also makes a good challah roll.

        Edit, only Z Bakery are certified kosher.