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Sep 5, 2013 04:38 PM

Food suggestions for Yokohama? (1st time in Japan)

Hey there folks, I'm going to be in Yokohama for about a week. Probably going to jump on the train to visit Tokyo as well Do you have any suggestions for good food?

I love snacking so quick/street food is good. I also love specialty spots that focus on 1 dish, or mom & pop shops.

Fancier stuff is okay to sprinkle in too, if its worth it. Pretentious food is not my thing, but if its worth it I'll try it!

Any insight on regional/exclusive foods would be great too.

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. The obvious rec will be the Yokohama Ramen Museum. It is a two-story recreation of a Tokyo Street Scene circa 1958. Not much on display, just a great excuse to try different types of ramen. Nine different shops in all, and they are chosen, in principle, as the best examples of ramen from throughout Japan (though now for the first time there is one shop from L.A.) None of the shops are 'permanent' and there is always some turnover. Among the highlights is that they serve mini-bowls of ramen so you can more easily try different types. Right now the #1 shop (Ryunsyanai)and #6 shop (Kamurasaki) are a must-try. The first time we went to Yokohama we went three times! Some of the shops also might offer one or two other dishes like katsudon or fried rice, so be on the lookout for those.

    I also went to an okonomiyaki specialty restaurant, Genza, but quite frankly I do not like the okonomiyaki with the brown glaze - it is too sweet and tastes too much like dessert. I've had this elsewhere also and it is not to my liking, so if you go I suggest trying other versions. Their negayaki (potato, scallion, and chive) was very good. It's a serious place to try this kind of food, but YMMV.

    My previous report:

    Another great place for street food in Tokyo is the Gyoza Stadium in Namjatown. I dare not say more because the last time I mentioned it on Chowhound I got criticized for mentioning it too much! But it is the best place to chow down on snack food from about a dozen different vendors, you just stroll from one to the other. If you find a vendor where you can sit down at one of the small tables behind a curtain, you'll find the widest variety of gyoza and other snacks.

    Link with photos of the gyoza:

    It is not so easy to find, however........ as it is located inside Sunshine City Ikebukuro.

    1. Yokohama has a rockin' Chinatown. That should definitely be on your "to do" list. For an excellent kaiseki meal, check out a place called Chatubo.

      1. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan, with about the population of the city limits of Los Angeles (around 3.6M), and larger than Chicago (the 3rd largest city in the US). You might want to provide some details about where you'll likely be in Yokohama. It's not easy getting from one end to the other by public transportation. It's probably easier to get around with a car around some parts.

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          I found it fairly easy to get around without a car. We had no trouble visiting the TaYa Cave, for example. You get on a train and go... walk or taxi for short distances. Perhaps it is a question of expectations?

        2. If you have time, visit Sankei-en, a gorgeous garden in Honmoku (accessible by bus from Sakuragicho or Yokohama station). There is a cute soba-shop in the park and they also sell tea, Japanese sweets, etc. I always enjoyed taking out-of-town guests there...