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Sep 5, 2013 04:37 PM

West End Cafe - a disappointment! [Carle Place]

Six of us met there Wednesday, Sept.4 for dinner. I had mussels...not one had flesh even as large as a pea, and it all tasted slightly overcooked. Should never have been served. Sad. Someone else had fried calamari...small rings smothered in a too thick coating of... breadcrumbs? ...flour? Hard to tell what, but not good. Someone had the wine/short ribs on spaghettini...the ribs were VERY salty! The scallops were just o.k., The salads, mine was gorgonzola/toasted almonds... were fresh, generous and good. There was only one variety of sauvigon blanc on the wine list...we had to decide quickly if it was spoiled or just poor. We shared the bottle among was not very good, but seemed to match the overall impression of the food. It was a spur of the moment family gathering, impossible to reschedule or move to another restaurant, and a sad experience. Never again!

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  1. West End Cafe in Long Island or is there one in Queens now?

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      Oddly , my daughter came in for a visit, last week . We went to Carle Place, we enjoyed the the meal as usual.

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        I've ONLY had solid meals there. I always get the double cut pork chop and the pistachio parfait sundae, but taste everyone else's dishes. Probably been there three times a year for the last 6 years or so. Right near my husband's office. Their sister restaurant, the Makret Bistro in Jericho, is quite good as well, but the Twilight special at West End remains our favorite of the two.

      2. re: ZenFoodist

        No mention of the service. At least the salads were "fresh, generous and good."

        We've always had good experiences at West Bank Cafe (LI).

        Do they still have the duck tacos?

        PS OP has only posted on CH twice in two years . . .

      3. Where is this place, please?

        1. Still don't know where the place is... NY is a big state...

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            The OP appears to be in Queens, but have no idea where the place is.

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              Glenn Cove Road, in Carle Place. Near Minato's (I DO recommend Minato's Japanese Buffet!)

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                It is in Carle Place, on Glen Cove road, opposite Voice Road.

              2. Used to go there all of the time. Last time was very crowded and they were seating regulars who came in later than we did. That was the last time I ever went there. I liked their Cobb salad. Prices were not cheap.