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Sep 5, 2013 03:50 PM

Anniversary Dinner

Looking for a nice restaurant - not too fancy (somewhere we can wear jeans and a nice shirt to) to celebrate our anniversary when we visit DC in October. My Husband does not eat seafood, but I love it. He like BBQ or Mexican the best. Steaks are always a home run. I don't mind paying for excellent food, but it better be worth it, and none of the "tasting plates" - we want MEALS on our plates.


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    1. Give The Red Hen a shot. The restaurant has a lively vibe, stellar food, and is located in Shaw so you get a better value. All dishes I tried had a good punch of flavor. Whether its the saltiness of the anchovy aioli with the fried artichokes, sweetness of the corn with the burrata, or just rich indulgence with the buttery palenta and fried egg with the sweetbreads. The good press is definitely well deserved.

      1. Try Table. It is excellent food in a casual atmosphere and very good service.

        1. It's a chain but it might be something you would like: Rosa Mexicana.

          If you are willing to venture outside of BBQ/Mexican I would check out Jaleo or Mintwood.