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Sep 5, 2013 03:36 PM

21st birthday for our twin girls

Subject line says all... lol....

Any suggestions for a coming of age weekend for two great kids?

Staying near Copley Center.

After dinner suggestions welcomed as well.


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  1. Is alcohol part of the events? 21 usually invokes the right to legally purchase a drink. My twins turned 21 in June, we took them to the waterfront and walked along the water/ boardwalk, it abuts Legal, Temezcal, Jerry Remy's etc. we ate outdoors at Legal then went to Temezcal and sampled a couple of tequila's just for fun. They really enjoyed the vibe at Temezcal, the tequila was a fun experiment .

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      I think a waterfront night like this would be memorable!

      To the OP: Copley area is not where you want to be, with some exceptions

    2. Not sure how high end you want to go, but you only turn 21 once and a visit to Clio or L'Espalier may be in order.

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        I like the idea of going somewhere on the classy end- they'll have plenty of opportunities to crawl dive bars with college friends (i presume). l'espalier might be a bit too long, and not diverse in terms of drink, though certainly a classy way to get legal alcohol.

        I think drinks and food from clio, or uni (with the same bar menu) is a great rec.

        for proximity's sake, some other dinner--> drinks suggestions:

        island creek oyster followed by the hawthorne. good food, both bar menus curated by the same stellar team. eastern standard would work as a folowup as well (all three are in the same group/area), but the hawthorne is the one they're less likely to make it back to on their own dime.

        sportello, or tavern road, followed by Drink, would be another great 21st combo. haven't been to sportello myself, but tavern road, while a bit hit or miss, has some excellent small plates/charcuterie that have a good fat content to keep you steady (for a revelrous evening), their own bar menu is quite slick (including a fun 'from friends' section with drinks from bartenders from other spots/cities), and its also close by to Drink.

        of course, for *real* proximity and class, you could start the night with good steaks, fanciful sides, and excellent classic cocktails at bogie's place, and then migrate to the outside, at jm curley, for even more inventive, delicious drinks, and, if you're somehow still hungry, as i always am after a few drinks, great bar food to keep the night going (pickled deviled eggs, i'm looking at you).

        i'm not sure where your daughters are in town, but if *they* are in the cambridge area, another great combo would be the recently opened bronwyn for eastern european food (and cocktails, or beer) followed by backbar, a slinky joint that has a pretty deep range of drinks if you ask, and a whole lot of housemade ingredients to put in them (i once had a great manhattan variant there with a housemade mushroom tincture...).

        bear in mind some of these places don't take reservations, develop waits, etc. But always happy to provide more info if you're curious.


      2. This question comes up here periodically. I guess I am wondering - have you enjoyed adult beverages with them prior to this? Do they enjoy wine with dinner? Beer? Will they order cocktails?

        I had been drinking wine with my folks for years before I tuned 21 so it was not that big a deal, and a good restaurant was appreciated on my birthday. To that end, what do they like to eat?

        1. I'll ditto the waterfront suggestion - Drink would also be a fun pre- or post-dinner option for people who are just learning about good drinks. It does get a line later at night though.

          If you're looking to stay in Copley, both Lolita and Salty Pig have pretty fun vibes, but there are fewer options for after dinner.

          1. Comes down to knowing your kids. To me the whole idea of eating out is about having fun. I don't find places like Mistral, L'Espalier, Clio etc. to be fun. Fine food for sure. I just don't think they're fun, which is what a 21st birthday should be. I tend to think most folks in the younger generations follow this line of thinking, but you know your kids best.

            How about something like Eastern Standard for pre-dinner drinks > meal at Island Creek > after dinner at The Hawthorne? Or the same thing in Fort Point with some combo of Sportello, Drink, Tavern Road, Blue Dragon? I loathe the Seaport, but yes you could also do a similar crawl with floors 1 or 3 at Legal Harborside, Temazcal, Rosa Mexicana etc.

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              great suggestions here... I'll throw in Citizen Pub, the sports bars (bleacher bar could be fun), and Lower Depths around Fenway.

              ESK is really a great spot for this, IMO.