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Sep 5, 2013 03:05 PM

Let's start a non-smoking restaurant list for Prague!

As far as I can tell Prague is my only destination (Berlin, Dresden Prague and Vienna) that I will have try to find either nonsmoking restaurants or pubs. Non smoking sections are second best. It is a health issue. I have a few already identified. Please help with more.

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  1. Am happy to help. But tomorrow. The evening wind down has started with some drinks in my home...
    I lived there for a year in 2003, and am a frequent visitor. My husband is asthmatic, and though you can smoke away in my face without issue, I am sympathetic to your situation. I'll poll some of my friends on Facebook, dig into my own base of knowledge, and see what comes up.
    Prague is such a beautiful city, and I'm sure it can be easily enjoyed by those who need to avoid thick blue air.
    Nice topic, zinfanatic!

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      Sansho is nonsmoking and added to our list- It is not traditional by any means, but it will be a different meal on our 24 day trip! I am already heading to several brewpubs on our trip.

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        My wife and I had a terrific meal at Sansho last week. The owner heard my wife telling the waiter that she was allergic to chiles, and he replied, "Don't worry, we'll take care of you." And they did. I asked him what wine goes well with hi food, which he identified as "fusion" (and which I had up to that point always identified as "confusion"), and he said the the excellent Czech beer was the best. But he steered us to a white wine that he had discovered at a wedding in Italy. It was from Le Marche, and was called Pecorino, because the sheep love the grape. We liked it, too.
        We had five small plates, followed by one larger one. The first was a dish of salmon sashimi dressed in sesame oil. The second was a beef tartar with ginger and bottarga, although we didn't really taste the bottarga. This was followed by pork and chive gyozas. The filling was a bit dry, but the gyoza dough was the thinnest and most elegant that I have ever tasted. Next came their famous soft-shelled crab sliders. The crabs are fried, and they are served on the type of bun that Momofuku Ssam has made famous. Delicious. Next came a piece of pork belly, browned and braised. The large course was a 12-hour beef rendang with perfume rice and braised bok choy. A wonderful meal.

    2. I was told by a friend that U Bulínů (a few blocks behind the National Museum) is quite a good place for traditional Czech pub grub and is completely non smoking. Their menu looks great.
      Here is a link:
      Metro stop Náměstí Míru is closest to this.

      Thanks for that info on Sansho. I plan to do the tasting menu there on my trip.

      1. U modre kachnicky II is non-smoking and I'm pretty sure the original one in Mala Strana is also non-smoking. Pricier than pub food, but also a step up in sophistication.

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          I didn't realize there was now a second location. Zinfanatic, this is an excellent restaurant!

        2. U Tri Ruzi brewpub and the detached restaurant portion of Plzeňský Anděl were both non-smoking. Enjoyed the food and beer at U Tri Ruzi; while Plzeňský Anděl's beer (Pilsner Urquell Tank) was great what we had to eat there was average.

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            Just had dinner at U Tri Uzi tonight. I had made a reservation several weeks ago. We were greeted by the manager with two glasses of Sparkling Monrovian wine. What a nice surprise. We had four different beer and the pork ribs cooked in beer. They were following off the bone tender and very favorable. The dinner was very well priced and the service very friendly. the best NON SMOKING!

          2. Zin, both of the Prague restaurants that I mentioned in my post earlier this summer on a separate thread, on which you commented -- Tri Stoleti and The Red Pif -- are as I recall completely non smoking. My husband has a smoke allergy so we certainly would have noticed if there were smoke.

            (Btw, you may need to be attuned to the smoking issue in Vienna too. We ate at a restaurant in the Nachtsmarket one evening where we absolutely choked on the smoke. Food was mediocre so I've not written it up on CH.)

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              Thank you, I did not know that those two places were non-smoking. I had then down on my list of places I wanted to go! I did not know that we had to worry about this in Vienna. Thank you . I have made a couple of reservations in Vienna. Perhaps I should explore whether those places are non-smoking. I have been spoiled for many years as we have all non-smoking everywhere in California.

              1. re: zinfanatic

                Zin, I'm late this thread and have to 2nd Masha, Vienna is still a smoking city and you will want/need to ask when reserving.