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Sep 5, 2013 02:44 PM

3 Days in Atlanta

Yep, another one of these posts. My parents will be spending three nights in Atlanta in October and I figured I'd give them a hand planning their meals. They will be staying in Buckhead. While they wont have access to a car, they don't mind traveling for a nice meal (and if need be will look into renting a car). They are looking for good southern, regional cuisine, the stuff that isn't done particularly well in Los Angeles, BBQ, and perhaps one destination restaurant. Based on a review of more recent posts, I think that we've narrowed the list to One Eared Stag, Empire State South, State Provisions, Thelma's Kitchen (for fried chicken - perhaps a lunch), and Heirloom Market BBQ. Also, my wife and I were in Atlanta about a decade ago and recall having a nice meal at the Buckhead Diner. How is the Buckhead Diner holding up these days? One last issue is that my parents do not eat pork. Any comments on the state of play of above referenced restaurants, or additional recommendations is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Buckhead diner is still very good--although not much of a southerne theme--never did reallyBBQ is like pizza,its all affected by what type you had as a kid.I like Pig N Chick on opeachtree indust blvd.If the get a car, a vey good holeinthe wall place is Gu's Bistro in chamblee for great szechuan food.others willchime in

    1. Unfortunately for your parents, Heirloom Market is carry-out only these days. The rest of your list (assuming that you mean Star Provisions and not State) is a pretty good one. Some other "new southern" places to consider are Food 101 in Sandy Springs and Article 14 in midtown.

      1. Regrettably my parents had to cancel their initial trip a few years back but plan on heading to Atlanta for a few days later this year. One Eared Stag, Empire State South, Star Provisions, Thelma's Kitchen still seem like good options. Any additional recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          Additional recommendations...The General Muir..serving breakfast, lunch and dinner..with an on site bakery...seriously good food...located in Decatur, basically on the Emory U. campus, not too far from Buckhead...definitely worth the trip..

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            Went there, not at all impressed, seriously over-rated, IMO.

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              These sorts of directly contradictory posts always make me wonder what each poster ordered. Perhaps that explains the wildly different opinions.

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                Good point Jaymes. I was there last month for several meals. The housemade pastrami was the best I ever had (from NYC to Miami and points in between)...thick slices, lightly smoked and ever so tender. From the crisped slices they serve at breakfast to the ones they serve on their hamburger at dinner to the ones they pile high on their pastrami sandwich at lunch...I suggest this for all pastrami lovers.

                When we were there for dinner they served a smoked duck was excellent..

                The bakery....the cheese Danish are very good...and the chocolate babka is excellent...YMMV..

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            I still stand by Food 101 in Sandy Springs. They don't get a lot of press or hype, but Chef Justin is really talented and I think it's among the best of the many "mason jar" new-southern places around town.