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Sep 5, 2013 02:27 PM

Charleston and Savannah for a few days in October

My parents will be spending two nights each in Charleston and Savannah. I figured that I would help them plan their meals by searching this board and requesting recommendations. In particular they are interested in southern regional cuisine (they don't eat pork), seafood and perhaps a special destination restaurant. Currently, in Charleston, they are looking at Hanks, The Peninsula Grill at the Planters Inn, Fig, Charleston Grill and Hominy Grill for either lunch or dinner.

In Savannah, our research to date has yielded Elizabeth on 37th and the Olde Pink House.

Are these good options or, given the current state of play, are their better options?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Look up The Ordinary in Charleston. Great seafood but not southern. Same ownership as FIG but seafood focused.

    1. My parents had to cancel their initial trip a few years back. They will be in Charleston and Savannah later this year. Regional cuisine is a focus for them and their short list still includes Hanks, The Peninsula Grill at the Planters Inn, Fig, Charleston Grill and Hominy Grill for either lunch or dinner.

      Savannah research still produces Elizabeth on 37th and the Olde Pink House.

      Are these still good options or should they be looking elsewhere? Thanks in advance.

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        Scroll down a little on this board for recent reports from me and another poster.

        I would definitely make sure to get a reservation for FIG and Hominy Grill in advance (HG only takes them for dinner).

        The Hominy Grill folks also just opened a new spot, Chick's Fry House.

        I also really loved lunch at Husk. That's another one to reserve well in advance.

        For seafood, the Ordinary is still awesome.

        For something more low key and focused on local ingredients, Two Boroughs Larder.

        I also thought that Callie's Hot Little Biscuit was great for breakfast.

      2. We spent a weekend in Savannah recently and had a fantastic dinner at The Grey, which just opened last December. It is basically Southern food if a little upscale but it is housed in what was the old Greyhound terminal and is visually stunning. We had dinner the 2nd night at Local 11ten, which was just meh and they have a pretty limited menu that I would not classify as Southern. Both were recommended by the owner of the B&B where we stayed, The Zeigler House Inn, which was just incredible and located on what is arguably the prettiest street in Savannah. Indeed, Southern Living Magazine named it THE most beautiful street in the country. A few doors down is Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, don't even try to get in. We were checking out Monday morning and thought since we were so close we might have a chance to get in without a long wait in line. Wrong. The line was way too long by 11.

        A local pointed us in the direction of Clary's Cafe nearby for breakfast. it is a fav of locals and serves breakfast all day, which is what we had - wonderful. We had a nice lunch at another popular local's place, Crystal Beer Parlor, which is pretty neat and isn't what you'd expect from the name.

        Six weeks ago we stopped for the night on our way further south and had dinner at Garibaldi's which was incredible and we plan to go back on our next visit: lots of black, crystal, ornate mirros, leather candles and flowers and feels more like something in New Orleans than Savannah. Plenty of seafood including their famous diamond-scored whole crispy flounder, which my husband had; delicious. I had the veal chop au poivre which was probably the best veal chop I have ever had and I have had plenty.

        We also had a lunch at SoHo South, which is a neat place inside, the food was OK but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

        The Olde Pink House is an institution and is usually at the top of the list for first-time visitors. We haven't been there in years but it is a favorite of my sister-in-law's and she visits Savannah often.

        Hank's can't be beat and it is my favorite restaurant in Charleston, best seafood in town and the place is beautiful without being stuffy, great service, we always meet repeat customers.

        Peninsula Grill is a great choice for a special destination restaurant, same owners as Hank's. Food is world class and the plated dishes are works of art that are almost too pretty to eat. World-famous coconut cake is not to be missed. Charleston Grill is in the same category and both are expensive but well worth every penny.

        S.N.O.B. has a very nice lunch and it is one of the old-timers on the Charleston scene, lovely inside, never had one bad dish there ever.

        You won't find a better breakfast than Hominy Grill but you have to get there early before the brunch crowd or you'll be standing in line, especially on weekends.

        Everyone loves FIG but it is small and the added hype over it makes it almost impossible to get a reservation without a month's notice unless you want to eat when they open or at 10 but you have plenty of time to reserve.

        I'm sure your parents will take a look at all the menus and reviews of these places and make their decisions according to their individual likes and dislikes.

        Hope this helps :-)

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