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Sep 5, 2013 02:16 PM

McConnell's Ice Cream - New Flavors!

Walked out of the heat and into Gelsons yesterday, so happy to encounter a 3.99 sale on McConnell's Ice Cream....complete with new flavors that I've never seen at Gelson's before. Stocked up on our usual faves Island Coconut and Turkish Coffee (talk about a caffeine rush- wow)....and also grabbed pints of "Chocolate Covered Strawberry" ( a strawberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips), "Dark Chocolate Paso Brittle" which is Vahlrona Chocolate Ice Cream with an almond brittle, and Peanut Butter double chip which is peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter swirls and dark chocolate flakes.

They also have a new "Dark Chocolate Orange" flavor.

Oh, and McConnells pints are still pints, they haven't removed 1/4 cup from each container like sneaky Haagen Daz.

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  1. I too stock up at Gelson's when they have a sale on McConnell's. Their usual price is $6.79 a pint, which is pretty steep but I willingly pay for such high quality and delicious ice cream.

    The new flavors you mentioned are pretty good, but for me, it's all about their Salted Caramel Chip. OMG is that a frickin' great ice cream, pretty much my current favorite store bought ice cream at the moment. The only thing it's lacking is some crunch, so I add some chopped, salted almonds which sends me straight to heaven.

    They really should disclose the presence of crack in the ingredient list of's that good!!!

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      I totally agree about the Salted Caramel Chip. With all the ubiquitous salted caramel out there. McConnell's is my favorite. The only thing is that I have had trouble finding it recently. The Gelson's in Sherman Oaks had none. I got a pint at the store in Encino, but it was a little icy. The Encino store seemed to have had a problem with its freezer.

      I also tried the Dark Chocolate Paso Brittle is good, but I was a little disappointed. The "brittle" was a bit of a misnomer. It has almonds, but not much of the crisp notes I expect from something called brittle.

    2. damn. I didn't even know they served those Flavors there.

      1. The peanut butter double chip is pretty damn good.