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Sep 5, 2013 01:40 PM

Birthday Weekend in Montreal

My husband and I are travelling from NYC to Montreal the end of the month to celebrate my birthday. I have never been to Montreal, but have heard that the food choices are endless and many, phenomenal. Please let me know which places you think are a definate to hit for the weekend. I also need a great place to have a birthday dinner. We plan to spend most of our money of food and alcohol, so we would love a wide range of places. Thanks!

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  1. you might want to consider perusing the following threads. All extremely recent, all pretty much asking the same question as you...

    Then there are these after the fact reports which would probably prove to be helpful as well.

    And if you have any more specific questions (actually, very specific questions) I'm certain that there will be many people who will be more than willing to respond.

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      Wow, good work compiling all those threads. Maybe Chow mods can pin this one at the top of the board for future general out-of-town inquiries.

      1. re: Shattered

        Thanks for the props, and while I agree in theory, I think given the current state of moderating here it would not be such a good idea.

        In about three to six months those threads would not be so current and it's unlikely that the moderators would recognize that and change it, nor am I convinced that they would want to, either. At which point it would be up to one of us to do it and/or inform them of the change which is kind of like what we're doing now.

    2. Definitely provide us with a few more of your interests and like/dislikes. Montreal is great for French-inspired and (of course) the newly-exported Quebecois cooking styles, but we won't recommend something like Pied de Cochon to someone who is vegetarian, anti-foie gras, or has a heart condition.