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Sep 5, 2013 01:25 PM

Midcoast Maine Food

Hi - just back from my Maine jaunt. Too, too much driving, bad on me for believing mapquest. Ate at Primo - very accommodating and helpful staff, the food was uneven but would happily return. Miranda Cafe was dreadful - I had to send back my entree for being incredibly salty and inedible. They were gracious about the redo and since they were out of crab, I asked for lobster and got a bonanza of claw meat. The food was way too greasy as well - but at that point I wanted to eat and go home. The two "discoveries" for me were Chases's Daily at Belfast - lovely place and Waterman's beach cafe which has basic food but a lovely setting. While I was there the NYT review of Portland came out - so back I go, maybe Amtrack this time.

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  1. Wow, sorry to hear about Miranda: we ate lunch there last Saturday, and everything we ordered was tasty and delicious: well-spiced lamb burger and roasted haddock taco.

    1. Totally agree about Cafe Miranda - dreadful, overwrought food. Next time try Home Kitchen Cafe also in R'land another good place.

      1. I feel the need to defend Cafe Miranda...this area is a much better place with them in it. There's food there that you just can't get anywhere else in this state at least...probably all of New England. Of course, with a kazillion different menu options, there are bound to be some things that don't work as well as doubt about it. But you can't tell me that Reuben's Long Lost Cousin, the pierogies, or the Beef Groce aren't three of the most amazing dishes you'll find on this planet.

        1. I lived near Primo for awhile. I went at least a dozen times over 2-3 years. I found them to be inconsistent. Sometimes fabulous sometimes mediocre.

          I never had a meal I enjoyed at Miranda. Tried it several times and then gave up.

          1. Amtrak only goes as far as Portland. Really the trick to Maine is to tackle a smaller area. Every Spring the posts start showing up from people trying to do Portland to Bar Harbor in a week. I shudder when I think of that much precious vacation time stuck in car. Next time pick a mid size town like Rockland, Damariscotta or Belfast and explore leisurely down the peninsulas.

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              Actually Amtrak now goes to Brunswick via Freeport.

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                And if you're really lucky and time it right, you could then jump on the Maine Eastern railroad in Brunswick and take that to Rockland.

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                  ...and of course, if you're coming from NY/NJ, Amtrak goes to Boston's South Station. If the timing is right, the T will be waiting for you to take you to North Station to catch the Downeaster to Maine. My guess would be about 13 hours NJ to Rockland if you're lucky. No real need to go past Portland:-)