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Sep 5, 2013 12:19 PM

Cheese trail in Vermont

I'll be visiting Vermont soon, and I would like, this time, to maybe visit a couple of cheese makers. Is it something worth doing? I already have the Cheese Trail Map, but I'm looking for more specific recommendations: what places are worth visiting (if any)?

I should be gravitating around Burlington and Stowe, driving up north, so recommendations around this area would be greatly appreciated. (I tried searching past postings, but could not find a lot - particularly, nothing after 2009 or so.)

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  1. I think folks aren't entering into the correct search box. There is an entire recent thread about new restaurants in the Burlington area. Also, keep in mind that if you're seeing threads that started a while ago, there are still probably more recent updates on it. Though I think the search does show most recent activity... not sure about that.

    Food in Waterbury (which is off the exit of 89 you'd take to get to Stowe):
    Blue Stone
    Prohibition Pig
    Juniper's Fare

    In Stowe I don't have a lot of suggestions as I haven't eaten there recently but here are some mentions:
    Solstice just opened, it's a new restaurant at the resort at the mountain. They've redone their casual restaurant there, as well. Stoweflake has redone their restaurant but i can't remember what it's named now. There's also some new places on the Mountain Road but, again, I can't remember them. I'll be eating at Solstice the end of this month and will do a review then, but that doesn't help you right now.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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      Am I missing something about Solstice? Did they renovate or re-open or something? I had dinner there several years ago soon after the resort had opened.

      Regarding cheese tours in the Stowe area, Mt. Mansfield Creamery and Sage Goat Farm make great cheese, but I also happen to love Von Trapp cheese, they're in Waitsfield. If you have time to try them before visiting, Von Trapp is usually at the Waterbury and Stowe farmers markets (and I think Montpelier too), and Sage is at the Stowe market.

      1. re: tkln


        thanks! I wanted to visit Mt. Mansfield Creamery, but, unless I'm reading their website wrongly, they don't allow visits anymore. (Same goes, I think, for Van Trapp.)

        Anyway, I'll be in the lookout for these cheeses; Von Trapp's Oma looks great.

        1. re: tkln

          Solstice has a new menu or new chef or a renovation or something like that. :) We've never been so we're going for our anniversary this year.

        1. re: Morganna


          thanks for that! I had, indeed, seen all that already, and wrote down a couple of suggestions - many, indeed, from you.

          But here I'm not asking about *restaurants* - I'm asking about *cheese farms*. According to the Vermont Cheese Trail Map ( ), some farms accept visits, and I was wondering if they were interesting, or not; or, better yet, I was looking for specific recommendations from people who have been there, done that. I apologize if I wasn't clear.

          FWIW, I'm now considering going to a couple (not sure how many) of the following:

          - Willow Hill Farm;
          - Shelburne Farms;
          - Sage Farm Goat Dairy;
          - Green Mountain Blue Cheese;
          - Boston Post Dairy.

          If anybody has recent feeback about these visits, I'd greatly appreciate it. And, if you want to add to my list, that'd be awesome, too.


          1. re: luism

            Oh I am SUCH A DORK. Sorry about that! *sigh* I have zero excuses for not having read your post thoroughly.

            I love Jasper Hill cheese but I have no idea where it is. :)

        2. We went to the farmers market in Montpelier a couple of weeks ago and there were at least 2-3 cheese makers there with samples to try. The market is on Saturdays and is worth visiting. Good choices for lunch from one of the ethnic food vendors. Check to see what farmers markets might be one your route. The largers ones have websites listing their vendors.