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Sep 5, 2013 12:07 PM

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Date?

Hi All,

I'm hoping to score a bottle of Sazerac 18 this year (and maybe the William Larue Weller as well). I've been too late the past couple of years so I thought I'd be proactive this time.

Anyone know when they will be released?


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  1. Usually October. It shows up in different parts of the country at different times. Your best bet is to call your local retailer but they'll probably put your name on a list.

    1. nothing firm, but initial news finally in. So late sept/early oct. At least some info is available

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        So I see rumors of the demise of Eagle Rare 17 yr were somewhat exaggerated.

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          And thanks sku. I put my name on a list. Apparently some other people were already ahead of me :-(

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            Keep in mind late September/early oct release means that is when they will give wholesalers their allocations and begin to accept orders from wholesalers. There is probably about a month delay from then before it will start showing up at retail.