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Sep 5, 2013 12:03 PM

Sushigo Boca Raton

It's on Federal Highway, opposite Mizner Park. This may be my new favorite sushi in Boca, although I have not checked out Ninja Spinning Sushi yet.

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    1. Sushigo is very good and very clean. There are unusual combinations and a level of sophistication you just do not get anywhere else here. Maybe the best sushi I've had in Palm Beach County. It's not a trendy, "fluffy" sushi house. This is a serious sushi place.

      The owner/Chef, Joe was the Sushi Chef at Nobu in Florida. He's not very engaging or friendly but you can tell, he is the real deal. It almost seems like he has a lot on his mind and this place isn't quite as satisfying a job... that's just my impression. Maybe it's just his intensity. I'd like to hear other people's take-

      But here's the thing. Sushigo is quite expensive given that it is located in a no-nothing strip center and from the outside looks like it could be a takeout place. Rolls average at $18. App's $14. They do have a happy hour M-Th 4-6 w/ half price options.
      1 large Sake, 1 gyoza app, 1 sashimi app, 1 miso soup and 2 rolls= $110.

      1. SushiGo is the best sushi I have had in South Florida. Joe will not put out any dish unless it is perfect. Try the salmon new style sashimi appetizer, sushi tacos and a g&g roll (not on the menu)