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Cocktail party venue in San Fran?

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Hey There - I'm from the East Coast. Helping to plan a cocktail party, 35 people, heavy hors d'oeuvres. We'd like to bring in our own chef/caterers, and supply the wine/spirits. Know of any great venues?


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  1. so all you need is a room?

      1. There's a lovely little Victorian clubhouse at Stern Grove. My spousal unit and I got married there. There's a kitchen for the caterers, and a fireplace in the main room.

        Contact SF Parks & Rec to arrange for rental:

        1. in addition to the Stern grove recs I did attend a small wedding in GG Park on the South side (near Lincoln and close to Stanyan) at maybe the Bowling Green Lodge? or the Sharon?

          the upper floor suites at the Huntington are well-laid out and have almost fully equipped kitchens.

          if you could count on the weather/wind some of these spaces can be leased for a few hours

          I'd suggest Redwood Plaza or the 15th floor of 343 Sansome.

          1. Naked Kitchen in the Mission. It's basically just a venue but they have all the serving necessities.

            1. I recently attended a film screening and wine reception at Firehouse 8. It has a rudimentary catering kitchen and a bar area. I liked it for the social part of the evening. But the acoustics were not so hot for the film and Q&A part of the evening. The other advantage is that it is centrally located.


              And here's my post about a.Muse Gallery,

              1. A little off the beaten track, and a little on the funky, bare-bones side of things (no idea whether these factors would be pluses or minuses for you), but take a look at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. It's a beautiful Julia Morgan building, and the view is spectacular.

                1. This month I attended an afternoon cake, snacks, and fun beverages reception staged at the Sunnyside Conservatory. It's ADA, has a small prep area with a large sink but I didn't see any cooking equipment, and the room and gardens are really lovely. It was easy to park in the neighborhood.