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Sep 5, 2013 09:25 AM

Penticton or close by recs for dinner

Will be in Penticton for one night on a Sunday. Looking for somewhere nice to eat. Willing to drive if needed, but if there is something walking distance, even better. We are staying at the Ramada in Penticton. We like everything except Indian. TIA!

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  1. also looking for the best place to stock up on fruit/veg before coming home.

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      depends what day - Sat is the main farm mkt in Penticton - north end o main st - near lakeside hotel -

      i like blossom fruit stand in trout creek just north of the hwy 97 bridge over trout creek - real okanagan family for many decades (not many people can say that around here)

      remember this yr that there was a big hail storm a couple weeks ago or so - so some of the fruit is bruised and will mold (mould) in those spots - so make sure you have your kitchen prepared to process before you travel

      re eating - see many other thread recently about this topic -

    2. Theo's Restaurant is the place to go. I went there on a business trip. I found out from relatives in town that it was their favourite restaurant.

      I had the rabbit. It was fantastic!

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      1. re: pinkpooskie

        Vanilla Pod is another that has come up. Any thoughts on that one? Theo's looks a little casual for us.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          we live in the area - i would have to be convinced to go to theos. from our POV - it's old and tired.

          it used to be good about 20 plus yrs ago in terms of food and decor - but now is tired and needs a revamp to refresh. I think their intent is there - that said it's typical greek resto food) - their raison d'etre - it's been lost somewhere etc. I'd sooner go to Casa Ouzeria (just a bit south on Main - where the KVR trail crosses Main)

          i realize that could be debated - regardless - it's all your typical grk resto food.

          pls look at recent threads - vanilla pod is very stark decor tho fab view for the interior (ie compared to Whistler vancouver etc.

          amazingly for the wine and food "thing" that the Okanagan promotes - it's hard to actually recommend a place here.

          i'd sooner go and buy at the farmer mkt and cook it and invite our friends to cook it w/ us.

          I think it is not the materials - it is the service and atmosphere - there is just not that finesse that one would hope for in a place where wine is sold for 20 plus / bottle (trader joes anyone?)

          so give Vanilla pod a try
          and go to the farmer mkt in nara and penticton and also blossom fruit stand in trout crk - old local family - they have Tilton apricots in season (approx June) (which you have to know about to know ; )

          ps: if you are going in daylight to vanilla pod - the view is lovely for an inland place tho take your sun hats and suncreen as it faces south in its current location and is very hot. it is near the "penticton" big sign on munson mtn

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            I was surprised but the lack of upscale dining considering the food and wine available. it sounds like Vanilla Pod is probably going to be best. Unfortunately we will not be there on Saturday and we will be without a kitchen, so eating out it will have to be. Greek food is something we enjoy, but also something I feel like I can make at home quite well, looking for something a little more refined. Our reservation is for 7:30, hoping to time sunset :)

            Mainly looking for apples and tomatoes at this time of year, maybe some other veggies. It is unfortunate we will miss the farmers market. Are there are farms that are selling heirloom apples? Am I still a bit early for apple season? Should have no problem hitting up the blossom fruit stand as long as they are open on Sunday late afternoon or Monday earlyish morning. Otherwise we may have to stop on way through Osoyoos instead.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              May be better off hitting the Naramata bench vineyards restaurants. Been too many years for us, so I'm sure others have good recs.

              Does Joie Farm still host the summer/fall dining in their vineyard ? Always wanted to try that.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                oh i know what you mean - i drove by that sign so many times and we never went. (Joie) ---- and cooking classes too.

                i would go down the Matheson farm - the straw bale place on the east side road of Skaha Lake - the very best most delicious apples

                that said - there was the hail storm in Aug - so the fruit might have pock marks (hail scars)

                also go the Elephant Island Winery in Naramata - splurge on the "dessert" sweeter wines - and try one of the red / white dinner wines (pear or cherry)

                Edit to add - also check out Forest Green Man - in Naramata - up on Booth Road maybe ... i can't remember exactly - anyway - look at the classified adverts on - that's our community website and you'll find fruit etc for sale ---

                also big fan of Wine Country Bakery - at the farmer market

                Wed is \naramata

                Sat is penticton

                i can't recall what day summerland is

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  hi LR - as i was reading about this article (see link below) - i thought of your querie here about Joie

                  - see that the chef says he's thinking about "en plein air, a la ferme" (to sound fancy) in 2014

                  might be worth checking out for future trips - would like to hear reports of anyone who does eat at the "Lakeside Hotel" (hooded merganser) - or this event (again, see below for links)

                  (it seems that the Lakeside is one of the few larger hotels that has its own nearby farm - amazing - i've probably been driving by for ages and never realized)

                  more info about the event tonite Fri Sept 20 - sold out I think

                  Chef Remington bio - just one quick search - here is quickly googled info from a trade/consumer show website - upcoming event

                  note that I don't work at the Lakeside or know any of these people - i simply find it interesting - wouldn 't it be great to have a cooking lesson - harvest to table - i've done that at other places incl in Baja Sur and it was fantastic.

                  remember - this is the big long-standing annual wine fest starting now up here in OK Valley - drive carefully everyone - watch for cyclists, walkers - and deer!

        2. We ate at the Villa Rosa last summer when visiting the in-laws in Summerland. Old school food, but nice space and v. good service. Pricier than comparable quality here in Vancouver, but that was to be expected:

            1. wound up at The Vanilla Pod. I loved the atmosphere of this place. I know some found it a little stark, I liked the simplicity of it. Very modern bistro. And the views!!! Unfortunately I did not time the sunset properly and we missed it by about 20 minutes but the light was still shining over the mountains slightly and the moon rise was gorgeous. We sat outside for the even as there was no breeze.

              We opted for the chef's tasting menu with wine pairings. We found it to be ample food and wine, a nice balance of flavours and well priced.

              Our courses included: crab/corn fritters, octopus salad, tomato salad with burrata, sablefish with mushroom broth, hangar steak with mashed and creme brulee. The sablefish and octopus were my favourites.

              We did have some service issues, including not being greeted while the table beside us which were sat after us, had wine and app order in. Also our waiter never actually checked on how the food was for 4 out of 5 courses, luckily we never needed anything. He also never apologized for not coming to our table for 20 mins. Overall this did not deter me, the food and atmosphere were worth this, and I feel we were just unlucky, I would recommend going here for a nice meal.