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Sep 5, 2013 08:51 AM

Seeking your input on my SD picks!

Hello folks -
My fella and I will be visiting SD in a week's time, and I was hoping you could take a moment to provide some feedback on our dining options:

1 - first evening...we are staying in Pt Loma (with a car) so are looking for something relatively close by and casual. The Brigantine, Stone Brewing, or maybe 3rd Corner in OB? Or other suggestions?

2 - a morning of sailing. I'd like to prolong that ocean feel with a lunch outside with a view of the bay - does The Fish Market fit the bill?

3 - we've secured an anniversary dinner at TBL3. Do you recommend adding their beverage pairing? (pretty excited about this dinner!!)

4 - the Restaurant Week conundrum. Our last 3 nights coincide with RW, and although this is not ideal, we will probably partake. I've done some research on menus, and some that look appealing are JSix (offer the whole menu), 1500 Ocean (not really somewhere I'd normally pick, but I think the fella would be impressed), Whiskenladle (also the whole menu, I believe), and Currant (I don't think they've posted their menu offerings yet). Any thoughts on these?

5 - my other options include, depending on where our adventures take us: for breaky/lunch, The Mission, Farmhouse Cafe, Pt Loma Seafoods, South Beach B&G, Carnita's SS, Azucar. For dinner: The Fishery (went on our last visit and loved the freshness of it, and it seemed very decently priced), maybe Cucina Urbana (we've enjoyed it during previous visits, but may give it a skip this time as there are so many other good choices!) Any misses on this list?

Thanks so much for your time and input!

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  1. Just a note about 1500 Ocean - their executive chef just left the position to move to LA, so it might be a good idea to skip it in the moment.

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    1. Fathom Bistro on Shelter Island.

      1. Bali Hai on Harbor Island is fun, even if you just stop by for drinks and the view.

        I'd skip Currant if you're heading downtown, and try some place in the Gaslamp instead such as Seersucker, Cowboy Star or Café Chloe.

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          Make that Bali Hai on Shelter Island.

        2. I can't offer a whole lot of input but I really liked the Wild Boar Ribs at Stone Brewery in Escondido, my girlfriend got Yakisoba and thought it was a miss. I loved the aesthetic of the place, a few nice fountains and nice shrubbery. I'm 18 so I missed out on the main draw, the beer (my father has been drinking Stone almost exclusively for 15 years though), but I would gladly return for some more ribs.

          1. Carnitas SS is great.

            Enjoy both Currant and Jsix but not generally a fan of RW.