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Sep 5, 2013 08:32 AM


Haven`t been to either...if anyone has been to both either for lunch or dinner, which would you recommend and why?? Thank you!!

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  1. If you wanted a meal focused on fish then I would have to say Le B but if you would like some variety I would say Jean George. Either/both does an incredible job with food, service (although a lot of detractors say Le B is cold). The surroundings are very nice albeit a little austere in both places. I just realized you are asking about lunch so I think I would have to give the edge to Jean George because I really like the light in their dining room during the day. A negative for Jean George lunch is I have seen some very dressed down people during lunch whereas that just isn't going to happen at Le B.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      what is very dressed down ? short khakis or Jeans ?

      1. re: icorem

        Le Bernardin dress code:
        Jackets are required for gentlemen in the main dining room during both lunch and dinner. Ties are optional. In the lounge, jackets are recommended but not required.

        Jean Georges dress code (formal dining room, not Nougatine):
        No jeans, shorts, sneakers, t-shirts, etc. Men are required to wear jackets for dinner but not lunch.

        1. re: icorem

          At JG during lunch I have seen some sorry looking khakis and short sleeve shirts that looked they just came out of a duffle bag.

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            I know you're right yet it still makes me kind of sad. It somehow feels disrespectful to me..... Like if someone wore that to a formal wedding.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              I think I am part of a dying breed but I agree with you; I look at dining out, be it lunch or dinner in a higher end place, as a chance to get dressed up.

              1. re: Spiritchaser

                I dress up when going to Jean Georges and le Bernadin and years ago to Lutece. I did because it was special and because it was the dress code. However, I eat out most nights of the week and I am dressed casually most of the time. I think many businessmen wear suits and frequent the expensive places with their expense accounts. Who was it that decided that suits look nicer than a nice sweater or shirt and jeans or khakis? It's how we were conditioned to think. A Brioni suit with nice Berluti shoes and a Patek watch looks very nice. But to think a $50 men's warehouse suit, looks better than nice jeans and a nice shirt is just wrong. I do not find it disrespectful to eat good food dressed casually. Perhaps not in flip flops and shorts and tshirt, but I have no issue with jeans and a shirt. Most places these days, do not have "stuffy" dress codes. Oh, and many people don't wear suits to weddings these days. Times they are a changing'
                Back to Original Post,,,i would choose JG over LB . I had a horrible meal at LB and won't go back

      2. I always find the dress code thing funny and entertaining to read about especially if the restaurant is in one of those all inclusive hotel restaurants in Dominican republic or Mexico...where they serve the same quality food as their buffet restaurant.

        1. If cost is a factor then the $38 pre fixe lunch at jean georges could make the decision for you.
          I have gone to lunch there several times and had excellent food and service.

          Haven't had lunch at le bernadin (yet)