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Sep 5, 2013 07:38 AM

Good eats at the Brimfield, MA Antiques Fair (Annually in May, July and September)

I loved the pulled pork with sauce, bought from a food truck along the road in the middle of the fair. MIL liked her beef brisket (but no sauce for her) and I was a bit underimpressed with the "Sausage Fatty Biscuit". The sausage was lovely but the cold biscuit was a real downer. I later noticed it was from BT's Smokehouse which has been lauded here. I see why!

Hubby had a Falafel sandwich from the "food court" under NE Motel's Green and Gold tents that was pretty good. I had fries from the same food court- seemed to be hand cut, nice and crispy and a spray bottle of malt vinegar was just what I wanted.

We spotted a pastry tent in NE Motel's area, and I almost went for a decadent looking creampuff, but the woman before me ordered it and it was $9 and I came to my senses and realized I didn't want to spend $9 on a pastry, at least not while that $9 would buy me 2 vintage holiday aprons (well, almost, they were $5 each).

I saw One Love's Jamaican tent along the main strip near BT's and I know Jim Leff used to rave about One Love in Worcester. We have to go back Friday to pick up one of our purchases so we may give that a shot.

Wondering if there's any other food that's worth seeking out here?

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  1. On today's trip, hubby got a Panini from a place just off the middle section of food trucks. It was fine... not griddled enough, so the cheese wasn't really melty. He also got iced coffee from Dean's Beans next to it which he said was really good. There was a flatbread pizza guy right next to him and the pizzas he had prepped to put in the oven looked pretty good.

    I had a Polish Plate ($11) from the food truck being run by Polka Cafe in Worcester. The pierogi, kielbasa and golubki were fine but the potato pancake was EXCELLENT... light and crispy. They sold just a potato pancake plate ($7) and I was wishing I'd had that instead.

    1. Sounds yummy! I was hoping to go on Sunday but it didn't happen. I'll keep your reccs in mind for May!

      1. Jenny Ondioline got a chopped brisket sandwich from the BT's truck on Saturday, and was quite pleased with it; I went for the Polish Plate from the Polka Cafe truck and enjoyed it as well. The multi-citrus-ade from the stand front and center in the NE Motel "food court" (facing the road, just to one side of the little music stage) was disappointing - it's just about impossible for customers to sweeten a drink to taste if all you have to offer them is crusty little packets of regular sugar, rather than superfine sugar or simple syrup.

        The only other thing we tried that you haven't mentioned was a round of donuts from the Faddy's stand. The raised donut was tender and light, but also very greasy - you could tell that while delicious fresh from the fryer they would be disgusting the moment they cooled completely. BUT - the cider donuts were the best we've ever had. Absolutely heavenly, and for once they actually had a discernible apple cider flavor.

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          Hahaha I had the lemonade from that stand as well, I wanted more lemon, not sugar, but it was cold and did the job.

          Good to hear about the donuts. I kept smelling those every time we drove by but we never walked down that far. I almost tried to stop on our way out but there was just no way to do it.