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Sep 5, 2013 06:58 AM

Masterchef 9/4 Spoilers

Well it was no surprise that Krissi was going to leave before the final 2. She'd kind of hit the end of the usefulness for her edit. Not surprised Jessie followed her out the door after calling her a cow. Pretty much the first bad edit Jessie has picked up so far.

A Luca/Natasha final two seems pretty reasonable. I think Natasha is the better cook, but Luca has the better back story.

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  1. I'd like to see Luca win. His joie de vivre is infectious, which has been sorely lacking in the other contenders this season.

    1. Could Krissi have been more of a thuggish boor in this episode?

      She could have cooked like Jacques Pepin and they still would have had to boot her. A winner like her would have seriously croaked the whole show.

      And personally, though I love it, I dont think grana padano is the Kobe beef of cheeses...

      1. Luca is set up as the nice guy underdog. I'm pulling for him for his willingness to help others. If not for Luca, Natasha would have gone home in the Vietnamese broth challenge but she wasn't willing to do the same for Jessie. I would have liked to see Jessie in w/ Luca. I don't know what it is about her, maybe because she's so darn cute. Krissi was there for the drama. She could function in her narrow comfort zone, at best.

        1. Another one for Luca here. His geniality and willingness to learn from mistakes (um, except for angling for the cheese, when it was a cheese sauce that put him in the rear position, but, oh well) puts him head and shoulders above the manufactured drama. And if you want a genial and approachable character for the cookbook author you need to market? Well, that'd be Luca, for me.

          That said, even though I've reacted as negatively as I *should* have to Natasha's editing throughout the season (wasn't she the one who made note of being "the pretty one" or something like that, early on...that sort of hubris galls me a wee bit) she puts out some nice food, according to the judges - and her editing has become a little more sympathetic (as I think it has for all in the final few). I think it will be a pretty fair final matchup, really, with Luca's personality giving him the edge from where I'm sitting.

          1. I was floored at Jessie calling Krissi a cow - twice. Krissi was a complete beeyotch when she up and left the kitchen with just a few minutes left, essentially leaving Jessie all alone.

            Not surprised at Natasha making it to the finale. While I didn't like her earlier in the season, she has always put up some really good looking dishes.

            As for Luca, I guess I'm not as much of a fan of him as others are. I think he should have been eliminated a little while back.

            There have been three female winners and three male runners-up; will there be a fourth for both genders?

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              I would have called her a "Stupid Cow."