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Sep 5, 2013 06:31 AM

Yume Wo Katare, new hours?

Their website says they're open 5-11 but everyone I've talked to says 6. Does anyone know if they changed their hours since they reopened?

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  1. Seem to remember them changing their hours early in the year to 5pm. Regardless, I walked by yesterday around 5:15 and there were people inside.

    1. This is right. I drove by there today and their window is painted with the new hours: 5-11p.

      1. I went Wednesday night, and while the ramen was as tasty as I remember, they had two new Caucasian gentlemen working as servers. They didn't even speak Japanese as far as I could tell. It totally ruined the authentic Japanese flavor that I was seeking; as we all know, no respectable Japanese restaurant has a non-Japanese service staff. I will never go back.

        Just kidding. Of course I don't care and I'll be back. I just read something about a Seattle sushi chef who was mad at "bigoted" customers - they didn't like his fellow chef who wasn't Japanese, and they had complained about it on Yelp or something.

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            Funny, I'm the opposite: if the chef preparing my Nouvelle French entree isn't Colombian, I'm generally disappointed.


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              In addition to the food quality dipping considerably at Mami in the 2005-2010 interval, they lost almost all their Japanese staff. The Cantonese-speaking waitress should at least have been trained to yell "irashaimase" because the experience just isn't as good. Obviously this is flamebait but I do put value in staff's ability to speak a certain language (in appropriate cultural context) as it can support the right ambience and eating experience.