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Sep 4, 2013 11:50 PM

Summer Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: Always a great meal with Shunji-san & crew. What more needs to be said?

Just as a change of pace, I chose not to have nigiri that night.

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  1. picture #3 looks AMAZING

    1. Out of control photography JL. Very artistic lighting. Bravo!

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      1. re: Porthos

        How have you guys not spotted J.L. yet? He's obviously the guy with the flash umbrella.

        What's picture 8?

        1. re: stravaigint

          It looks like some kind of shellfish roe. Shrimp perhaps? Maybe octopus.

        2. re: Porthos

          Did you have a party of 4 or is that 4 orders of uni/Kobe beef/eggplant for yourself? ;-)

        3. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

          We had a larger party that night, so we sat at a table, not the bar.

          Dinner that night started for us at 6PM, and thus natural daylight was still trickling through the window - Much to the benefit of the photos...

          Photo #8 is kinmedai (golden eye snapper) roe - Yes, it was unbelievable.

          Photo #28 is Santa Barbara uni, Miyazaki beef, with Shunji's backyard eggplant. I only enjoyed one piece. I am not worthy of all 4 pieces - it was monstrously delicious.

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          1. re: J.L.

            is the uni from japan a seasonal thing? i mean, i love the santa barbara uni, but jeepers, that stuff from japan is outtasite.

            they didn't have it when i was there about a month ago. maybe it's unavailable this time of year.

            1. re: J.L.

              Dammit J.L. I went nearly two weeks ago and meant to post about it right away, but real life interfered and I finally started working on it this week. I was nearly ready to post last night, but ended up waiting until the morning, and now it looks like I'm copying you! :-) Your photos are great as always!

              Anyway, here's my post: Let me know what you think of my experiment with using Instagram pics. Were we by chance there the same night (August 23rd)? The "flight of shiromi sashimi" that we both had look identical.

              1. re: PeterCC

                It sure felt like you hadn't been posting for a couple weeks.