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Sep 4, 2013 10:02 PM

Healthy School Snacks for 30 Preschoolers

Hi Chowhounders!

I need your help in a major way! My 4 year old daughter starts her firsr day of school tomorrow. I learned tonight at the first parents' meeting that we as parents are responsible for bringing in a healthy snack for 30 kids once a month. We are supposed to bring something that does not contain peanuts or peanut butter due to the high incidence of peanut allergies. Also, sugary snacks are not encohraged. We are also supposed to bring a complimentary beverage for all 30 of the kids, either water, milk, or 100% juice. Given these instructions and this scenario, what would you bring in?

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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  1. Mini water bottles for beverage- my personal feelings are that kids need to learn young to just. Drink. Water.

    Fruit and crackers or pretzels:
    I.e. cut bunches of grapes, mandarin oranges (easy to peel), bananas, plus graham crackers, mini pretzels, pita chips etc

    If it is still warm weather, all fruit juice popscicles

    String cheeses, trail mix of raisins, pretzels, choco chips, cereal.

    Make mini muffins (blueberry or something common)

    Aaaaaannnnnddddd- hope you're not first and see what other people bring and get feedback from your kid what snacks everyone liked :)

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      Couldn’t agree more on the water. Took my then 2 year old nephew to a work Christmas gathering (just crafts, sitting on santa, cookie decorating) but minimal snacks and only water. He took one look in the cup, and said “I want juice”. Well, we told him there is no juice here and he started guzzling the water (this is a kid who never drinks water). He is also the type of kid (to this day) who is super picky at home but will eat just about anything (well, without obvious “green”) that is put infront of him at daycare.
      Some ideas:
      Frozen banana popsicles (dipped in a very thin layer of dark chocolate) – Skinnytaste
      Homemade fruit leather
      Homemade yogurt popsicles
      Mini pizza buns (use pizza dough and roll up like a cinnamon roll with favourite pizza ingredients)
      Pizza monkey bread (looks really neat and can just break apart a few pieces per kid)
      Mini apple pancakes with syrup (not too much!)
      Snap peas – the “chip”) (can get expensive so can mix with other things like pretzels, popcorn etc)
      Zucchini brownies (however, might fall into the too sugary category and because they are so good they kids might expect something like this weekly!)

      1. re: pumpkinspice

        Do you have a favorite recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread?


    2. Apple slices
      Pita bread/chips with hummus
      Baby carrots with ranch
      Fruit salad
      Mini bagels with cream cheese
      Cheese cubes and grapes (cut in half if too big)

      Our elementary discourages homemade snacks like muffins for class snacks/birthdays as there is no way to ensure there is no cross contamination. They prefer things like fruit or prepackaged items with a visible ingredient list. Luckily my kids are in the upper grades now and I don't have to send class snacks anymore, just their own!

      1. would a non-peanut nut butter be acceptable? if so, you could do almond- or hazelnut-butter and jam/jelly sandwiches cut into appropriate sizes/cute shapes. otherwise, maybe fruit snacks, oatmeal-raisin cookies, pumpkin zucchini or banana bread, celery filled with cream cheese and raisins, yogurts, string cheese, homemade (non-peanut) cereal+raisin+nut(?)+M&M(sparing) snack mix (honey nut chex, multigrain cheerios, cashews, roasted salted almonds, dried cranberry, and white chocolate chips are popular), apple slices, mandarin/"cuties" oranges, bananas, cut/baby veg with dip (ranch, hummus, etc), or for the more adventurous set, japanese rice balls (onigiri) - may go over better if you use "cute" shape molds available on amazon. all the above have the benefit of being vegetarian, too, in case any kids/parents in your class adhere to a veggie lifestyle. good luck!

        1. Frozen bananas! (Or 1/2 a frozen banana) on a popsicle stick... make mine organic. :-)

          1. Make little frico cups and fill w/ chopped apple/pear/grape salad.

            Prosciutto parmesan grissini:


            Black bean brownies (these are sweet but healthy enough for preschoolers)--there are different versions, some w/ flour, some gluten free

            If you don't want to cook, cut cheese shaped w/ tiny cookie cutters and serve on crackers or apple slices