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Sep 4, 2013 09:15 PM

Kalamaki - Chapel Hill Kipos's fast food child

I was celebrating the new year eating everything at Kipos & afterwards strolled around to the courtyard and the place is open. It's the old Med place, It's all skewers, souvlaki & gyros, burgers: the meats are lamb, chicken and pork, priced around $7-$9.00 they offer a 1/2 rotisserie lemon chicken for $9 and a whole one for $15. There's hummus, fries (no felafel, oh well it isn't Greek), salads and desert. I have no idea how it is, I was too full to make the intelligent choice and pick up stuff for tomorrow. I'll have to leave it to you intrepid 'hounds to tell me!

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  1. Very disappointed about the lack of falafel.

    1. Happy new year!

      This sounds promising. I haven't found a souvlaki that I've been happy with in this area, perhaps this will change my luck!

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        Happy New Year back L'shana Tova!

        I hope so meatn3, I had Kipos's lamb shank a couple of weeks ago and it melted in my mouth, if anyone should make a good gyro it's them. They also have veggies skewers and v-burgers.

      2. I think I mentioned this spot in my original Kipos post. I have yet to go and try this side of Kipos either. Hopefully it will take off. A good street food greek option (not the pita pit) would be good. It would remind me of all the Doner kebab places you may find in say Spain or Germany (though not Doner obviously).

        1. We ate lunch there. It was very pleasant sitting out in the courtyard on a sunny day. I had the lamb skewer with a side salad. Hubby had the lamb gryo and a beer. The food came out quickly and without salt on my skewer as I requested. Absolutely lovely lamb, perfectly cooked. The salad had a nice light lemony dressing. My plate also had a small slice of bread. The skewer was generous.

          Husband's gyro was the best I've every tasted. I have never liked gryos--so often they are dry and salty. I was only permitted a tiny bite, but the lamb was perfect.

          Not inexpensive; our lunch was $24.70 with the beer. But I dream about the lamb and want to try the rotisserie chicken.

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            I wonder what Gyro's you've been having. I've never had a dry nor salty gyro. If anything, they put too much stuff in the wrap.

          2. Burgeoningfoodie, interesting point on the over stuffing. Husband actually thought his could use a little more sauce (I am sure he could have asked; the service was very accommodating). I don't order gyros because it is just too much food for me; the tastes I get from husband have too much sauce and I find the meat salty. But, then again, I watch my salt at home and that may be why. I will be interested to hear your opinion on the one at Kalamaki. I thought it was good.