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Sep 4, 2013 07:27 PM

Hand Carved Serrano Ham

I love Spanish jamon and would like to celebrate my birthday with a hand carved Serrano ham.

The catch is...I would like the ability to try carving the ham. On my bucket list...don't ask.

I already inquired with Jose at Pimenton, but would also like to research other possibilities.

Anyone know of a person who is skilled in hand carving of Spanish ham?

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  1. Call Jamie Kennedy's peeps - we had a hand-carved serrano ham at our wedding a few years back which was catered by Kennedy. You could also call Cava and see if someone there can help you out.

    1. Ooh I just watched a YouTube video on this, now I want to do it too!!!

      1. What does something like this cost?

        1. It isn't rocket science. Just ultra thin slices with the grain, or downwards if your ham is vertical. Brisket is much more difficult. Just find someone who can do paper thin slices. Any shawarma cook could do it.

          1. Ahhh,

            Very expensive joint of cured meat, clamped in some sort of mid evil device, gripping a thin razor sharp knife, and slicing with a whole body motion towards you...

            Not an easy task to get that paper thin ribbon of meat deliciousness !

            On another thread someone mentioned Costco selling whole Spanish hams. You could practice to your hearts content and it would likely be cheaper than a flight to Spain. Let us know if you need some help eating it ! 8-D