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buyer's remorse??

Was in Dollar Tree, of all places, and they had cans of Progresso "recipe starters"... or something like that. Oven roated tomato something. I don't buy a lot of canned soup stuff, but like several Progresso products. It was NASTY!!

Bumblebee solid, albacore in olive oil at a fantastic price... like $1.79 and a $.50 off coupon on top. Again... NASTY... my cat LOVED it.

What have you bought that was a total FAIL??

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  1. I happen to think that Progresso is ok for canned soup. And I've never tried BB solid albacore tuna in olive oil but for $1.79 minus 50 cents it sounds a whole lot better than Starkist for .79 a can.

    Maybe if you didn't shop at Dollar Tree so often you wouldn't suffer from buyers remorse.

      1. Buyers remorse is the price you pay for being adventurous and trying new things. I'd say I am about 65-35 in hits vs misses.

        1. Trader Joe's Fruit Floes.

          1. a honeydew melon from the farmers market. it was well beyond ripe but had no flavor and absolutely no sweetness. i've had sweeter lettuce than what i tasted.

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              Sounds like it was picked too early, and never developed sweetness and aroma from natural ripening. Left stillborn until someone went ahead and bought it.

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                oy. stillborn! you make it sound like i ate a baby!!!

            2. Trader Joe's Mild Cheddar Cheese - mild? More like tastes-like-nothing. Trader Joe's Simmer Sauces (tried 2 - both gross). Trader Joe's goat milk brie. It smelled like gasoline, so I threw it out without even tasting it. Kroger pork or chicken - they've amped up the sodium/water injections in the pork - completely inedible now, sadly. The chicken is tough and stringy no matter what I do to it. It sounds like I'm picking on TJ's, which I'm not - I've just been shopping at Kroger since I was a kid, so I have a better idea of what's good and what to avoid. TJ's just moved here last year so I'm experimenting.

              1. Trader Joe's truffle oil. You could argue that that's not the kind of thing to buy at TJ's, I guess, but I did. I opened it, took a sniff, and heaved into the sink. The oil, and the bleach, followed shortly. Kind of put a damper on the New Year's Eve dinner I was preparing for the two of us, which turned out to be not very good anyway-- a Cornish hen recipe from Fine Cooking that I've never made since. It was a long time ago, but the memory abides.

                1. A couple of months ago I wanted some soup for fill-in meals for when it was too hot to be futzing all day with a big pot of soup. I tried some Amy's Organic Tom Kha Phak. Nononononono. Mushy vegetables, no real Thai flavor. I tried doctoring it up a bit, but with some cilantro and grated ginger and fish sauce, it still wasn't there...there was still a bad flavor. And grit. I was thinking I might have introduced grit via not washing the cilantro adequately, but that wasn't the case. (I checked by using the same batch of washed cilantro for a salsa later in the same day: no grit.) So: no flavor, much grit (from what? the mushrooms?) and....some "can" flavor. A no-go for me. Too bad I bought four cans on sale at my market, thinking they might be good. The remaining three cans went to my hub's free-table at work. I had high hopes, but: no. Remorse.

                  1. I can't remember the brand but my local market had individual servings of salmon vac packed with seasonings and each on their own cedar plank. It reminded me of Omaha Steak packaging. (first clue...)

                    The CB males requested salmon for dinner that night and the store was out of the wild caught frozen brand that I usually buy.

                    The "Omaha" packaged salmon was on special at a nice discount so I threw 8 servings in the cart. Big mistake. The seasons were so overwhelming, my son refused to eat it and so did the cat. Mr. CB and I choked it down but it was awful.