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Sep 4, 2013 05:12 PM

"Moderately" priced restaurant for 75th Birthday party

I need to find a restaurant in Vegas that can accommodate about 18 people
for a family 75th birthday party. Honoree is very young and enjoys good food. Children (4) have sophisticated palates, as well. Hoping to spend up to $50.00 pp without alcohol. Any food type will do. On or off Strip. Need first Saturday evening in October. Thanks for any help

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  1. On the strip, I'd think about Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris; they have a side room (not private, but set off) that might work well for that size of group, and I think you could do the $$(as you say, w/out alcohol). Another option, a bit more off-beat, woudl be MoZen at the Mandarin Oriental. They have great food and again, I think you could do that price point. Off the strip, I'd think about Todd's Unique in Henderson; they have two rooms and the second room might be good for that size party; however, a Saturday night is a tougher sell, since they are pretty busy that night.

      1. Here is a chain I posted a few years ago

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        1. My apologies, I was going to post the chain, particularly my notes about the cost involved for a party this size at various places (and the additional costs involved), then I noted that the time of the event (first Saturday in October) had passed. I meant to delete the post, but apparently was not successful. Thanks to Macsac for locating. Events this size can be challenging, at best. I hope the event was a success.

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            We all didn't notice. Thanks for the explanation.