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Sep 4, 2013 04:53 PM

Restaurant recommendations in Burlington, VT area?

I am planning a weekend trip to Vermont this coming weekend and I was looking for recommendations for restaurants (and other things - any suggestions welcome!) around Burlington.

I've already eaten at Caroline's (which I now think is called Fields - in Jericho and really liked it, but wanted to try something new. I'll be coming down from Montreal, Canada, so the whole maple syrup, duck and whatnot is not really what I'm looking for. But anything else local and/or unique (fancy or cheap/low key) would be great.

I'll be driving around to go cheese-tasting, so anything around Burlington, Stowe or Montpelier would be doable.


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  1. Your criteria fit pretty much every locally owned restaurant in the area, including the Wayside diner in Montpelier (well, Berlin, technically). Not being snide here, but trying to be helpful based on the information you've given:

    In the upper right corner of the page you're reading this on, there's a box right under your login name. Type "burlington" or "burlington new" into the box (without the quotes) and click the red button with the white circle that has a tail. There will be many threads that come up, If you typed burlington new, then there's a thread that's just about restaurants that opened in the last year.

    You can do the same for "montpelier" and "stowe" and "waterbury".

    Alternatively, if you'd like to give a bit more criteria other than "not maple but local" it would help. Vermont is pretty much the center of localvore dining these days so finding good food that's local and unique isn't all that hard. :) Having criteria by which to narrow down suggestions would be a big help.

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    1. re: Morganna

      gee, m, i guess they didn't want help that bad, eh?
      BUT I DO!
      I'm glad you're still posting up there, and as helpful as ever. We're having some medical setbacks but are still hoping to get up to unbeatable VT in the next few days, for maybe a week's visit. Hearing that peak is late this yr? (Our irony w/ Peak is that Burlington is pretty much the last part of VT to peak, and ev yr, w/o fail, whether we come early or late, we find ourselves driving all OVER trying to find the great color. Usually we have more luck down 100 (what a beautiful valley) to Rocky Dale Nursery in Bristol...

      Hey, m, what IS the story w/ Nika? Have you ever seen so many opposed reviews?(Y....p; Tr...p Ad....sor) And what about Hen(did it come to Burl?) and Juniper- are they really BOTH going to make it up there side by side?

      I don't understand the name, but i like the menu and website aura of Misery Loves Co. (are they Bluebird alum? we had the worst dining exper ever at Bb 2 yrs ago and refuse to return.) So the for-sure spots for us will be:
      *** Penny Cluse bkfst,Mirabelle pastries, and dinner at Delia and Cortijo.

      Given last yr, we may not return to Black Sheep. So, looking at: Starry Night, Kitchen Table, Hen, Juniper,Misery Loves Co., Guild,Amante,Solstice (did you make it there for your Sept. anniv?)

      Whaddyathink?!! Plse evbody chime in! Also lunch thoughts, plse. We have liked the kabob sdwches at AliBaba.
      Is Nika's pizza exc or no? (I wrote a CH scather last fall about that 'new' pizza place by Delia,but maybe it improved? and we don't care for Am.Flatbread's za) Is anybody doing a wood grilled burger made w/their own combo grind of diff cuts of meat? (Down here in Boston, Strip T's uses beef cheek, short rib and flap scraps, with a smoked miso aioli!! killer,btw)

      Can't wait to breathe the air up there and watch the wind over the lake. Man, what a beautiful town..........
      TIA for your time!

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Starry Night is one of my favorites. Love it. GREAT service, ambiance, and the food is not too shabby either ;).
        I hear nothing but good things about Guild and Co. Have not had a chance to get there yet so if you go I'd love to read your review.

    2. If you have visited before, you know that you should make reservations WELL in advance this time of year. My experiences at Nika have been great and the menu/wine list is so varied that it should suit all tastes. Hen has not opened in Burlington yet. Pizzeria Verita (next to Delia) is excellent. There are a few good burgers around the area including Belted Cow (Essex Jct.), Kitchen Table (Richmond), Prohibition Pig (Waterbury), and Upper Deck Pub (So. Burlington).