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Sep 4, 2013 03:57 PM

U Penn area takeout

My husband's starting a new job at Penn (yay), and we were curious what's around there for take-out to bring home to the burbs on those nights when a home-cooked meal just might not be in the cards (I work from home, but sometimes my West Coast clients get in the way of making a real dinner).

Neither of us is real familiar with that side of the river, though I'm sure he'll get his bearings. Just wondered what might be good -- we're outside New Hope, and -- for example -- there's really no edible Chinese food up round these parts.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Chinese? UPENN? Really?
    Uh, Han Dynasty.
    End thread

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    1. re: Chinon00

      Absolutely, though I could use other recs as well.

      I mean, I could eat the Dan Dan noodles every day, but I thought there might be other things that are interesting, not just Chinese. It's just that this part of Bucks Co. is not great for Chinese, especially. Thai can be so-so. No pho worth mentioning that I've found.

    2. Koch's Take Out, 43rd and Locust. Deli fare, but good.

        1. Try Sitar India, 38th above Market:

          Can either do takeout a la carte or from the buffet.

          Also, Aloosh, 36th and Lancaster has a tasty, reasonably-priced Lebanese menu:

          Mixed appetizers, lamb burger with chevre. Lots to love.

          Savvas, 35th and Lancaster has huge portions and a varied menu with Greek specialies:

          1. You can get takeout from Distrito. Manakeesh & Saad's have good Lebanese. Vietnam Cafe for...Vietnamese. Vientiane for Laotian.

            You're getting pretty far west, and they might not travel that well, but we enjoy the pizzas from Dock St.

            Personally, I'm not fan of West Philly's Indian food, but the Pakistani is pretty great. Kabobeesh & Wah-gi-wah make some nice food. Get the Lahori chicken charga at wah-gi-wah.