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Sep 4, 2013 03:14 PM

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

Am looking for great fresh pita bread to accompany middle eastern dishes.

Any recommendations for where to get this in Somerville or Cambridge?

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  1. The Middle Eastern shops along Mt Auburn Street in Watertown (right over the Cambridge line) are one option. You can find out what the delivery days are at Arax or Massis, to name a couple.

    1. Eastern Lamejun Bakery on Belmont Street, a few blocks from the Star Market, has a good assortment of pita, lavash and other breads, and desserts, as well as non-bakery items such as appetizers, nuts, halvah and candies, etc. It's a bit closer than the Watertown strip.

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        Eastern Lamejun is a treasure trove that's been there longer than any of the MiddEast Wattown shops. For prepared foods (stuffed eggplant, veg and grain salads and spreads etc) their palate is my fav. Do get some of their spinach and cheese borek while you're there- great for bkfst or snack, reheated!

          1. re: Boston_Otter

            Thank you for pointing me to Eastern Lamejun. Somehow never made it over there, even though we frequent the Watertown shops. It truly sounds like a treasure trove, can't wait to get their lamejun, borek, pita, lavash ... all of it! Will make a great stop on the weekly yoghurt and taramosalata run to Sophia's Greek Pantry.

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            I like Eastern Lamejun, Arax, Sevan, and Massis for different things and for different moods. All are well worth trying. While I do prefer the lamejun from Eastern, there's much to be said for being able to visit all three of the others in one quick pass along three short blocks. There are also wonderful nuts and candies at Fastachi and top quality lamb at the butcher counter at Coolidge Variety, both on the same stretch of Mount Auburn Street as Sevan/Arax/Massis.

            As far as fresh pita goes (that *was* the subject of your request!) all of them are primarily Armenian shops/bakeries so pita is not their specialty. They do get in top-quality pita from other bakeries, though.

            1. re: Allstonian

              What do you like each of them for?

        1. I'm an Arax Watertown fan, and they get some of their best breads in on Tuesdays.

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            Boston Kabob Company in Allston makes in-house pita that I'm sure you could purchase separately, but I haven't tried it yet. There have been positive reports on the board, however. Samira's Homemade in Belmont also says that the pita is made for them by Helen's Bakery.

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              Samira's pitas (made by Helen's in RI, as bear mentions) are a staple in our house. Whole wheat is our go-to. I actually get our Samira's fix from the Westford Farmers' Market when in season.

              We're fans of Samira's Homemade in general. Some favorites are ful medammes, vegetarian kibbeh, spicy grape leaves, and Egyptian okra (silky, tomatoe-y, intriguingly spiced). If I pick up multiple items plus pitas, that is dinner.

              1. re: tomatotomato

                Thanks, tomato. I have picked up a couple of Samira's things from Formaggio a while back, and keep meaning to stop in at the place in Belmont. You've motivated me to make a stop there next time I'm at Sophia's Pantry picking up olives and yogurt.

                1. re: bear

                  Personally I prefer Arax, perhaps not quite as good on a few key Armenian items, but WAY more Pita options to chose from, AND a great green grocer to boot.

            2. Update on pita bread in Somerville: just spoke to Amsterdam Falafel shop in Davis Square - they will sell their pita bread for $1 a pop.

              Have only had it with falafel and thought it was pretty tasty, Will pick some up tonight to have with our kofta experiment, as it's much closer for me than the outstanding recommendations in Watertown/Belmont.

              Thanks for all the great tips, hounds!