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50 Cent Cheesesteaks at Geno's

Is business really that bad???


(Check out the Spanish translation... ;)) )

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  1. The Spanish is flawed but adequate. Unusual to celebrate a 47th anniversary. There's only so many sandwiches they can assemble and sell in 2 hours, but I expect it will be a bit chaotic.

    1. Not a Cheesesteak or Geno's fan here. However it is a good will gesture and a nice memorial to his parents. It celebrates the anniversary of the business they created along with supporting a very good local cause.

      Uno Cheesesteak por favor!

      1. It has to be a great thing. I make cheesesteaks here at my place in Mexico 2 times a month.

        1. I really laughed out loud at the Spanish translation.

          1. Foobooz recently reported that Joeys son just hired a PR firm for the first time ever, so Im guessing this was their idea, to try and get some positive press for a change.

            1. That whole "order in English" thing left a bad taste in my mouth. Mean and unnecessary. Glad it's sort of being addressed here.

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                And all this time I thought the bad taste was the Geno's cheesesteak. Yes, the "English only" thing was poor judgement, bad form by todays standards and insensitive. There is/was a whole generation of immigrants who struggled to be English speaking Americans who find it difficult to accept the new norm as it relates to speaking other than English. Not an excuse but perhaps a reason. Nice to see the effort here to move beyond the sins of the fathers.

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  Its worse than that. It ignores the realities that for 100 years people came here and still kept their traditions alive as well as their native tongues. There were italian newspapers published in South Philly at the turn of the 20th century, and it often wasnt til the second or third generation that people spoke English as their first language.

                  That said, I do believe it is a good thing for Geno's to try to rehabilitate their name, in the same way Joe's Cheesesteaks has tried to turn a page from their history.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    Yes, quite right. And of course to this day there are ghettos where only native languages are spoken. One only need read a bit about the discrimination against any and all immigrant groups to know that it is nothing new. "No Irish/Jews/Italians need apply" signs were common not that many decades ago. Interestingly it is also noted, by sociologists, that those discriminated against are most likely to discriminate. New norms evolve but a change in individual behavior and opinions is more difficult to achieve. Famous sociologists(Glicks) noted that change in these areas will come about primarily through intermarriage and death, "we will bury them", more gently said...it will take time!, unfortunately.

                    1. re: Bacchus101

                      Oh it was not only ghettos of italians, but at least prior to the quotas being set on immigration, it was neighborhoods that were people from only one part of italy. People would live with people from a region/city/town in italy. worship, etc. It wasn't until the immigration was shut down that the community began to take on a feel for being italian rather than being Abruzzi etc. Stefano Luconi from University of Florence has a great section on the changing meaning of Ethnic Identity among Italian Americans in Philadelphia during the Interwar Years that really is eye opening.

              2. You mean they are finally charging for what it is worth?