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Sep 4, 2013 02:21 PM

Near Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf - dinner

I'm in town for the America's Cup and have one night free; Saturday, this week. I'd like to be able to walk to dinner if at all possible and I'll be in a group of maybe 5 people. Originally from Berkeley but for the last decade in Seattle and I am open for any type of good food. We'd like it to be pretty casual and not too spendy.

Are there walkable options anyone can think of short of the touristy places at the wharf; I'd rather not go to Scoma's. I was thinking of Bottle Cap, Capo, l'Osteria, maybe Algegrias? The distances look doable but I can't remember the geography.

what do you think?

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  1. L'Osteria del Forno is probably the best SF Italian place in its very low price range. The wait for a group of five on Saturday could be long.

    Cinecitta is another option.