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Sep 4, 2013 01:13 PM

Holiday Cocktail party - Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco

Hi All,

I'm looking for recommendations and any insight you might have on holding a cocktail party in the Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco area.

Our demographic is mixed: mid-twenties (think first job) and forty-somethings, fairly outgoing personalities with the love of food.

I'd like a space where people can be seated as well as mingle should they want.We have approximately 45 employees and spouses attending.
for about 3 hours long and we'd probably like open bar along with heavy hor devores.

Parking is always usually an issue, so if it's BART accessible that would be great.

Also, how much could I expect to pay per person? .


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  1. So the cheapest group gathering place I can think of is Southern Pacific Brewery. Think burgers and beers (also has hard alcohol). I imagine even with heavy drinkers you could get out under $50 pp. The drinks and beer selection are good the food is acceptable.

    1. I didn't see it, but Muka has a side room that you might want to see if it can accommodate your size group. It's not far from the Civic Center BART station. More about Muka,

      1. The places in Embarcadero Center are both near BART and have validated parking. I think Sens and Osha can handle private parties.

        1. +1 on Southern Pacific. Beers made on location plus a tasty list of specialty cocktails. Food is not typical bar food and quite good. Upstairs area has dedicated bar, privacy and view of the rest of the bar/dining area. 10 min walk from 16th St BART