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Sep 4, 2013 01:03 PM

Chocolate brioche

I'm going to start some brioche dough in a bit and I think I'd like to make chocolate brioche-you know, with a bit of dark chocolate in the center. Any tips or tricks?

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      1. re: girlwonder88

        You can do it in one day. That guy is just dramatic

      2. re: youareabunny

        Good things come to those who wait!

        You could use this recipe for inspiration though. Try condensing the choc chips in the centre of the brioche before you do the final shaping.

        The last one I did, I just sprinkled the choc chips over the rectangle of brioche, lightly pressed them in and rolled into a loaf. This way you get chocolate and buttery goodness in every bite.

      3. I just posted on the what are you baking thread, but ended up making Joanne Chang's brioche recipe from Flour, which sits over night. The next morning, made roll sized brioche (instead of the loaves she makes in the recipe) and tucked chocolate chips in the center. Yummy! I'd prefer something a little meltier in the middle but this was a nice result with little fiddling around

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        1. re: girlwonder88

          I think they add palm kernel oil or something to chips so that they will keep their shape. So maybe other chocolate would be more melted :)