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Sep 4, 2013 12:17 PM

Waffles falling apart when opening new waffle maker

Hi guys, I just got a gorgeous new waffle iron, the KitchenAid Waffle Baker.

I have a lot of leftover pancake mix (Pamela's Pancake and Baking mix so I used this mix for my first few batches of waffles. I realize that pancake mix and waffle mix are different, but the directions on the pancake mix do call for 1 additional egg for Belgian waffles so I did just that.

The problem is that when I open the waffle maker, the waffles invariably break apart, half stuck on the top of the iron, and half stuck on the bottom. When I try pulling off the pieces with a plastic fork, the pieces do stick a little, but for the most part are able to come off clean. I don't think a sticky iron is the issue, but I did think about spraying on some Pam to make it stick less. However, the instruction manual specifically says NOT to do this. Rather, it calls for more fat to the mix, so I even added an additional TBSP of oil to the mix, but got the same result.

I really want to like this waffle iron, and it did get great reviews. Furthermore, when I get the waffle pieces off the iron, they taste great! I suspect the problem is the batter, which is kind of watery. Is this just an inappropriate batter? The best Belgian waffle I've ever had was from a restaurant, and I saw the use a very thick batter.Thanks

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  1. You may be opening It too soon. I have a cheapo stove top waffle iron and I test for doneness but cracking it open a hair to see if is going to stick.

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      I'm definitely not opening it too soon. The color is a (slightly dark) golden color, it's beautiful. I wonder if it might be the gluten free thing. I actually didn't even notice that! I'll try a regular mix when I have a chance. But right now I have a lot of this mix; In the meantime, is there something I can do to make it thicker and hold together better?

    2. You're using a gluten-free batter?
      I wonder if that is the problem, You don't have the gluten to keep the two parts glued together.

      Your iron is non-stick so sticking shouldn't really be a problem. Instead of Pam, you can try a quick brushing with an oiled pastry brush or try a regular wheat flour based recipe.

      Did your waffle maker come with recipes?

      1. My guess too would be either they're undercooked or the gluten free comment.

        I'd go to a GF forum and ask there.

        1. Don't use Pam, it has a residue which will mess with the non-stick coating on the waffle maker. You can get some release spray specifically for waffle makers - just google. Most likely, you just need to break in/season the waffle maker.

          1. Have you preheated the waffle iron adequately?
            I can't think of anything else that may be causing the sticking to a non-stick surface. Maybe you're right...could be the batter is too thin.
            Strangely, I'm using my mother's old electric waffle iron, made circa 1939 before the deadly non-stick surfaces came into use and have never had a waffle stick to the old thing.
            But I do use a lot of butter in my batter (never oil) and I do favor a thick-ish batter.