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Sep 4, 2013 09:47 AM

Fine Dining Value in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, San Sebastian)

Going to hit Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, San Sebastian on my trip to Spain and wanted to know if there were any essential restaurants we should go to that offer good value. Most likely going to splurge on a 3-Michelin star meal in San Sebastian, but would like to fill out the rest of my trip with some places of good value (~€50 or less) to not go completely broke. Would be willing to splurge on some meals between €50 and €75 if its something you are saying we cant miss. Huge fans of modern cusine and things that are unique (love molecular gastronomy) but holes in the wall are accepted! Thanks!

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  1. One of my best value meals last year took place at LUA in Madrid. Fixed price for dinner of 52e; 78e with wines. Modern Spanish cuisine, with some notes from Galicia, which I believe is the home region of the chef. Chamberi neighborhood, off the main tourist track.

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      Thanks Erica. 52e modern prix fix looks/sounds amazing! Definitely going there!

    2. We really enjoyed Alameda in Hondarribia which had a tasting menu in that price range. "Innovative" but not molecular gastronomy.

      Arroka Berri in Hondarribia was fantastic for easily less than ~50. Traditional for sure but with a bit of refinement (as well as free digestif and apertif).

      We also enjoyed Bodegon Ajejandro in San Sebastian which had what we thought was an excellent value tasting menu for 39.

      1. Best value by far we had in Barcelona was La Palmera. 6 courses, pan con tomate, dessert and a glass of wine for I think $22 Euro a person. Great food, service and a total bargain. With extra wine we were all in for 120 for 4 people.

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