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Sep 4, 2013 09:44 AM

Any Recent, Great Lunch Spots in Downtown LA?


for some reason i'm drawing a blank right now, but if anyone has recs for great (not fussy or too expensive) Lunch spots for downtown LA please let me know.

any type of food is ok, it's for a birthday, but again nothing too fancy or fussy (oh, and there will be one 4-year old in the group). thanx! :>

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  1. Haven't been, but what about
    Bunker Hill Bar & Grill ? BHB&G is only open for lunch (11am - 3PM) right now and the pictures look good on Y.

    601 S. Grand Avenue

    UrbanDaddy w/link to menu

    1. Pete's Cafe is surprisingly nice to groups. We went there for an 80th birthday brunch and they were so tasty, kind and flexible - we've been back many times.

      Tiara Cafe has such great booths and pizza - I think they are a valid option.

      Homegirl cafe is killer - and might work with you on extra birthday stuff -

      And I swear, Philippe's is such down to earth fun - I'd contact them to see if you could reserve a room or something.

      Maybe they'd let you bring a strawberry cake in from Phoenix Bakery?

      Good luck!