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Sep 4, 2013 09:30 AM

Are food blogs over? (Again?)

I know there've been threads somewhat similar to this in the past, but since I'm looking for the most up-to-date opinions, I thought I'd start this one.

I've been hearing that "food blogs are over" for at least a decade now, and yet I don't see any signs of death around. I still enjoy several food blogs, and it seems that every time I google a recipe, the best version is always from a blog. I'm frequently in awe not only of the cooking, but also of the styling, photographing, and designing skills of bloggers.

But there are many things in the food blogging world that I find off-putting... for every good book that comes out of a blog, there are ten bad books that are no more than glorified blog postings. Not to mention the corporate blogs hosted by big commercial websites.

I don't mean to sound cranky, I really want to know what everybody thinks of this.

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  1. I think that food bloggers tend to run out of steam more quickly than say, current events commentary. I used to really enjoy the Closet Cooking blog, and got a couple of recipes that I really enjoy. But lately it just seems like he's doing mashups of recipes he's already done. "Hey, what about donut lasagna!"

    I think there will continue to be a place for blogging, but it may be very different than it is now.

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      In the early days of Closet Cooking I too was a fan. Things changed when Kevin started selling his own recipes through collection editions.

      To the OP, the greatest change in food blogging today is that the category has clearer definitions. E-commerce has a good deal to do with those definitions. Social media fuels the audience growth of a blog more than ever before. Photography takes center stage over recipes in many cases.

      Do you food blog for hobby, for a living, for self promotion? Do you do all the work yourself or do you have a team? Is your food blog the only outlet for your work or does the blog compliment your career? It is a portfolio or a scrapbook? Food blogs are far from over; just take a look at Corporate America's (last to join the fray) reluctant participation turn into re-imaging brand and consumer loyalty. What's over is thinking they don't have impact on all of us.

      1. re: HillJ

        thanks, HillJ! Interesting food for thought (pardon the pun)! I do enjoy several blogs and I find many useful tips and recipes on them (sometimes just googling recipes or questions). I guess, just as with everything else, it's not a matter of food blogs in general, but of finding which blogs one likes and which blogs to avoid.

        1. re: kmanihot

          Absolutely-its a sea of blogdom! Navigating is time consuming!

          Some of the best blogs today are more dimensional anyway; meaning, they cover more than one topic. I tend to follow blog rolls. Meaning if I find a food blog I really like I look to see who THEY follow. This method tends to lead me to greater treasures in less time but of the type I'm searching for.

          I also look for blogs by individuals I already follow in other mediums.