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Sep 4, 2013 09:21 AM

Youpi et Voilà - good craft beer nearby?

We are heading out to YeV tommorrow for dinner and wat to sample some good beer around the canal the forecast is 32 degrees and sunny so somewhere to enjoy the weather would be ideal.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I can't think of anywhere in the immediate vicinity but have noticed that beer drinkers tend to congregate at La Patache on the rue Lancry just off the quai Valmy... less than a 10-min stroll from Y et V. Not really a beery kind of guy, I'm not sure how artisanale the beer is but did have a perfect heat-wave bière blanche there last July. There's also a sort of beer-hall/ arts & music venue péniche moored along the the less cutesy quai de la Seine (Bassin de la Villette/ Canal St Martin)... very young and hip clientèle + a fair share of backpackers...20 minute walk from Y et V... or, yes yes, 5-min taxi ride ... or pick up a Vélib in front of the bar-tabac on the rue Grange aux Belles/ r. Ecluses St Martin for a 5- to 10-minute pedal to the Vélib station on the rue de Rouen/ quai de la Seine.

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      "Not really a beery kind of guy>" me too but Camille Malmquist is, not a guy but beery.

    2. Scratching my head over this one since I am sure that the last time were were at YetV, last month, I saw several regulars from the neighborhood come in JUST FOR a beer and chat with the waiter. And, yes, it was a mid-30º day.

      PTI! where are you when your expertise is needed?!

      By the way, Y et V does seem to cater to a set of locals whom we have seen on each of our visits.

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        Um, it's not really a beer place. Rather a Plageoles-gaillac place.
        I recommend it warmly anyway. It seems to get better and better.

      2. Thanks all - maybe an easier question - any decent bars on the way or around the water - we are heading up from the 6eme and will probably be bussing it.