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Sep 4, 2013 09:03 AM

First time in Torrance with my picky brother

My Japan-obsessed brother just moved here from NY and we're going to check out Torrance for food, shopping, etc. He's a budding foodie but still hesitant about "weird" foods including most seafood. (Believe me, that's going to change once he tries one of Ricky's fish tacos!) Any recommendations for my picky little brother?

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  1. Here's a prior thread that should prove useful to you and your "PB."

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      +1 I-naba. Cold soba, tempura, oyakodon...

      The goat biryani from the Indian place next door is stellar if you happen to be more adventurous than your PB.

    2. take him to marukai as well as marukai pacific market in gardena, and mitsuwa in torrance. threads & needles is a japanese run clothing shop in old town torrance that he might like. for a real trip, go to volks, maker of ball-jointed dolls.

      all of the stalls in mitsuwa's food court have a display case of plastic food, so it's a good place to take a picky first-timer.

      1. Japan obsessed but he does not like seafood? No sushi I take it?

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          No sushi yet. I'm planning to take him to Katsu-ya for some crispy rice with spicy tuna and dynamite shrimp. I just intro'ed him to tofu and he's into it. I think there's still hope.

        2. Azuma on Western and 162nd St. in Gardena would be a start? It opens at 5:30pm for dinner and usually gets pretty crowded real fast. Their beef teriyaki is one of my favorites because they use char broiled ribeye steak instead of thin sukiyaki meat. A lot of Japan locals know of this place. El Pollo Inka on Hawthorne Blvd. serves up exotic Peruvian dishes with a little hint of Japanese. The lomo saltado is served with Japanese calrose rice and even has soy sauce by request.

          1. Take him to Hakata Yamaya in Lomita. Beef and beef intestine yakiniku. Brother can be as adventurous as he wants (or doesn't want) and I bet you could get him to dip into the motsunabe after some cheap sapporos.