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Aug 2, 2004 05:38 PM

Pflugerville/North Austin

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I've scrolled and read a lot of Austin posts but it appears mostly about downtown restaurants. Anything up north exceptionally good? Pflugerville area?

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  1. The European Bistro in Pf is excellent.

    1. Ka-prow on Howard Lane is great for sushi and hot sake.

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      1. re: sayrah

        Beluga's Ahi Tower is a must. Sushi Nini has great HH deals
        Pizza Corvina is in the same shopping center

      2. I really like Mangu Cafe which is just behind the Tinseltown theater. Their lechon asado is excellent. The prices seem a little high, but they give you a lot of food and I usually end up making 2 meals out of mine.

        1. Taste of Ethiopia is an all-around great restaurant.

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            I'll second that! I ate there with my wife last Friday and had no idea what to expect (neither of us had ever had Ethiopian food before). Everything was exceptional. We will definitely be back!

          2. pizza corvina makes great pizzas and has a good happy hour too.