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Sep 4, 2013 08:56 AM

Foodie recs for Winnetka/Canoga Park/Woodland Hills... ?

I just moved to the area and I'd love some advice on where to eat nearby, especially as my boyfriend and I say "cheap, healthy, good".

I've already discovered Follow Your Heart (my favorite as I like to eat healthy and sometimes vegan), Karlos & Koke's (cochinita pibil and horchata!), Vinh Loi Tofu, India Sweets and Spices, and Leo & Lily's.

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  1. Well, hardly vegan or probably overly healthy either, but Carrillo's Deli for Mexican food is quite good. Many friends here in Sherman Oaks use it to cater parties, and will trek to Sherman Way & Corbin in search of some really good Mexican food. Has b&w, btw. Very casual, mostly Spanish speaking clientele. Fallas Paredes is just east of it on the SW corner of the intersection.

    A moderately new place, Local Peasant, has opened at 22901 Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills. Smaller bites, decent to good food, cocktails, beer & wine.

    Also, for a good hot dog, try Fab's on Victory in the shopping center with Loehmann's. Many varieties.

    1. Not health food, but White Rabbit on Winnetka does Filipino fusion tacos. Personally, I find the meat fillings too sweet, but a lot of people like it.

      Song Phat Vietnamese restaurant has gotten some negative reviews on this site, but I have always found the food there excellent, and good value.

      Also, Saigon Sandwich for good banh mi.

      Go's Mart for high end, expensive sushi. I've never been, but it's well known.

      1. Pho 21 is really good. Get their egg omelet.

        1. India Sweets & Spices for fast food vegetarian Indian
          Los Toros for Mexican (in Chatsworth but not far at all)
          Woodlands for South Indian food (also Chatsworth -- good buffet)
          Mission Burrito in Canoga Park for casual Mexican
          Cavaretta's - Italian Deli in Canoga PArk
          San Carlos Deli - Italian Deli in Chatsworth
          Jasmine Thai -- Canoga Park/Winnetka
          Nordstrom Café - Topanga Plaza

          For fancier meals, we like Roy's and Brother's Sushi in that area. We also like Go's Mart, but plan on spending $$$.

          1. Places I go to all the time, healthy and not.

            Pho21 is my favorite!!!!- I LOVE the seafood and pork hotpot! Could eat here everyday.


            Taco Reyes - Awesome tacos!
            Stonefire Grill - chopped salads
            Dan's Super Subs
            Blinkies Donuts
            El Tapatio
            Monty's Steak House - (but just for Shrimp Monty's (bacon-wrapped herb stuffed shrimp!)
            White Harte - British and a great pub

            The usual places are there like Roy's, Cheesecake Factory, Flemings, Ruth's Chris, Mortons,

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                Dan's is good, but Cricca's -- in the same strip as the excellent Blinkies (Topanga Cyn. Blvd. and Dumetz) -- has better subs.