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Sep 4, 2013 08:36 AM

Raleigh suggestions needed (commercial strip)

I'm going to be travelling to Raleigh for a work meeting. We are being put up at the Wingate off of Capital Boulevard near 440. I'm sure there are lots of chains out there, but for the more adventurous diners in our party, what's nearby that's not terribly expensive but interesting and delicious? All styles and ethnicities of food are of interest.....

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  1. You are close to both Captain J's and Muy Pronto Fonda y Birrieria Jalisco. Please read the following about them

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      Just an FYI in case sometime is looking for directions: it's "Fonda y Birrieria Jalisco". I think the OP in the linked thread went in right when the place opened, and they had a sign saying "Muy Pronto"(Coming Soon) in the window. It's not part of the restaurant name.

    2. Sawasdee for Thai going north on Capital is pretty good and you have an easy straight shot to downtown. Could try Pooles diner or Beasley's chicken or any of the Gravy or sitti type places

      1. Where ya coming from? Some people think NC BBQ is adventurous... just saying.

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          Sorry for the lack of detail--coming from the west side o' the state. Waynesville, to be exact. Thanks for the tips so far--keep 'em coming! We'll be back several times over the next few months! I knew I could count on the chowhounders. :)

        2. There are a few Vietnamese restaurants along the Capital corridor. None are truly outstanding, but Pho Far East is possibly the best of the lot. There's also Espiga Bakery on Capital just before 540. They're Ecuadorean and have a series of rotating special lunch plates daily.

          On Atlantic and Millbrook you have Seoul Garden. Good lunch specials and quite a bit of fun with a larger group for dinner.

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            For Vietnamese on Capital, the newest place is my favorite, Pho Super 9 -

            +1 on Seoul Garden, very good Korean food.

          2. I assume you will have a car? 'Cos the only things walkable to that hotel are an ABC store and a Waffle House...

            With a car just about anything in Raleigh is just 20 min. away, so downtown is doable for dinners - plenty of threads on that so I'll stick with things within a 5ish min. drive.

            For quick lunches:

            *On Hodges St. (take Cap. blvd. south, right at 2nd light after you go over I-440) is a great taco truck. If you are really hungry get one of their tortas - ginormous, delicious and a heart attack waiting to happen. The location sometimes changes, but usually on the N. side after the RR tracks. M-F, closes around 5. Think there is a picnic table, but not sure. Cash only.

            *Perhaps a half mile further south is Saltwater Seafood. This is on the left after Cap. Blvd. splits. This seafood market has a takeout counter and does great fish sandwiches made to order. Picnic table outside with zero ambiance but the fish is great! You can call in your order ahead. Open til 7 M-F, 6 on Sat.

            * If you head W. on I-440, the next exit is Wake Forest Rd.
            Exit and head South. (You'll pass Trader Joes and Costco, both on the left). After the car dealership on the right is Mama Nori's Peruvian Chicken. Open lunch and dinner, eat in is available.


            Off of Wake Forest Rd. are two options:
            *Courtneys is just after you take a right at Six Forks Rd. Nothing fantastic but pretty solid. Open for lunch too. 407 E Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

            Just south of Costco is Biscuitville which is good for a quick breakfast sandwich. Drive through and small eat-in area. Parking gets a little congestive and the traffic pattern is awkward....

            Happy Hour:

            *Big Boss Brewing Company is near the taco truck mentioned above. It is tucked away in an industrial area. They have a taproom with pool, darts, etc., an outdoor area and sometimes there are food trucks there at night.

            I used to live in Asheville and seafood and good Chinese were hard to find and I've enjoyed having more options for them in Raleigh.

            A few other thoughts of things which might interest you but are a little more $ but within 10 min. of the hotel:

            *Drew Maykuth, from The Admiral just opened a place in Raleigh. Have not been, but I enjoyed Drews food several times in the past!

            *Close to Drews restaurant is J. Betski's. Nice updated German and Polish inspired dishes. Seating at the bar is available. Open for some lunches.

            *Coquette is at the 2nd exit to the west off of I-440 (Six Forks Rd., North Hills area. Lunch, dinner, weekend brunch. Nicely done food with with a bar.

            * A few miles North of I-440 on Wake Forest Rd. is a Peruvian Restaurant in the Plaza with the Tilted Kilt and Steinmart. Open lunch (slowish) and dinner:

            Lastly, if you are feeling adventurous, there is a little Hispanic cafe inside the BP station on Capital Blvd. The station is North of I-440, on the East side. It is just after Ed McKay Used Bookstore (great store btw) and just before the light for Old Buffalo Rd. Seems to close earlyish for dinner, but the aroma is amazing. I keep forgetting to try this place and just think about it when I run in for ice or something since it is close to home...

            *Oh! Caspian International Market is very close to your hotel! If you like to cook and play with new ingredients you might enjoy a visit. Interesting selection of beer and sausages too.


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              SWEET! Thanks for all the additional tips! I'm a transplanted Michigander, so the heads-up on Polish food shot my antennae into overdrive. Dare I ask if pierogi are on the menu? Oh, lordy. I'll be traveling with a transplanted Wisconsinite this trip, so I might be able to talk her into it......

              Taco Trucks! Real chinese! I am very intrigued by the trad menu at Captain J's, I must say. Thank you everyone, and thanks Meatn3 for tips on good used bookstores and food-based shopping as well....any tips on record stores? Put that into play and you've got my holy trinity of shopping.

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                email me - it's on my profile & I'll fill you in on off topic stuff!

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                  The Taco truck on Hodges has moved to the auto liquidator on the SW corner of Capital & Hodges. This week at least...