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Sep 4, 2013 07:00 AM

Quite a restaurant empire in Prague!

We will be in Prague for 6 nights in September. I just now decided to make just a few reservations as a precaution for places I really wanted to go to. I was unable to get a reservation at Lokal Dlouha in the non-smoking section the night I wanted on September 25! I did get a reservation on another night.I knew there were several Lokals but look at this empire!
They even have a wine bar! Any comments on quality of other places they own?

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  1. I only have experience with Lokal and La Degustation, you'll find a couple of threads about Degustation here:

    I hadn't actually looked at Ambiente's website to see all the other places they have but now that I have... I'll be hitting more of these places on my next visit to Prague.

    Enjoy the trip.

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    1. re: vanderb

      Thanks for these. We'll be there next year and I am, of course, already collecting info :)

      @OP, is a non-smoking area in a Prague restaurant really tiny?!? I know when we were in Istanbul recently, there were plenty of people smoking in some places even though it had been outlawed.

      1. re: c oliver

        The Lokal Dlouha non-smoking section is actually huge, must seat at least 75 people or more but the Mala Strana location only seats about 25 based on my last visit there a couple of years ago.

        CZ has no requirement for non-smoking sections and many many pubs/cafes/restaurants are fully smoking with only a few (such as Degustation) being completely non-smoking.

        Even places that have a sign showing a non-smoking section will not be terribly attractive to people used to fully non-smoking; but when in CZ you'll have to bend a bit as smoking has not been banned in public places here.

        1. re: vanderb

          Oh, we totally "bend." When in Rome, etc. :)

          1. re: c oliver

            It was on your suggestion vanderb that I made reservations at the Lokal Dlouha location because of the large nonsmoking area. Can you direct me to any other restaurants that are totally non-smoking? I have asthma and it is better for me to be smoke free!

            1. re: zinfanatic

              Pivovarský Klub is not only smoke free (as of my last visit in 2010), but it's a Prague must-do. So many beers it'll make your head spin, and the traditional Czech food is really very good.
              It's near the center of town, and easy reached using the metro.

              1. re: alliegator

                Thanks. We love beer and of course want to drink many local beers. Which metro or tram stop is it near? I did look at the map, but could not tell for sure. We are staying in the Mala Strana.

                1. re: zinfanatic

                  Metro Florenc is the best way. It's on Křižíkova, up just a block or so from the metro. The exact details elude me at the moment, but I'm sure google maps can help.
                  Since you'll be in Malá Strana I'll also give Malý Buddha a good word. Nice Vietnamese inspired food in an absolutely gorgeous setting, Smoke free. I used to work near this place and found the food and service consistently good. The owner is usually on site, is friendly and speaks English.
                  No real good transport to this, the shoeleather express is it! Up Nerudova, past the castle, then Úvoz for a bit. But well worth it.

                  1. re: alliegator

                    Thank you so much for your help and a new suggestion!

              2. re: zinfanatic

                Off the top of my head, other than Degustation I'm drawing a blank on totally non-smoking... but the other recs from people here all sound good.

                I can say that Kolkovna in the Jewish Quarter ( V Kolkovně 8, 110 00 Praha 1) has it's non-smoking in the basement, still a good pub atmosphere, and completely non-smokey down there. I can recommend the food as well, in fact I think I have in a couple of other posts.

                Just traveling at the moment but if anything else hits me when I get to my destination I'll update here.

        2. re: vanderb

          The Ambiente group's Cestr restaurant is also good if you would like to try top quality Czech beef, which includes cuts you will never see anywhere else offered, except maybe in Austria.

        3. I've heard that Pasta Fresca is very good from a couple of friends. It's right off the Old Town Square.
          I'm going in December for a week to hit the Christmas markets, and that one is on my "to eat" list.

          1. Definitely recommend La Degustation for the splurge dinner. It was absolutely fantastic and they also did a really good job pairing with Czech wines (we requested only Czech wines).

            Also recommend Lokal - go more than once so you can try more of the rotating list of dishes. We really enjoyed dishes such as beef cheek goulash, smoked tongue, carp filet, and the various sausages. The various profiteroles for dessert were also excellent. The non-smoking section is large, but smoke can easily drift in from people outside the door.

            Kolkovna was also good for a more pub-type place. The non-smoking section is OK, but smoke can drift down from upstairs. We particularly liked the roasted goose leg on beans and barley. Oily and rich, but tasty.

            U modre kachnicky has two locations - Mala Strana and near the Old Town square. Both were very good for more pricey and upscale food - lots of game with fruit sauces. I'm pretty sure both were completely non-smoking.

            U medvidku is another good pub/brewery type place. They do have a non-smoking section, but because it is sandwiched between smoking sections, we didn't find much benefit. We enjoyed the wild boar with fries particularly and also the blueberry dumplings for dessert.

            Have lunch or a snack at the cafe in the Obecni Dum. The food is just OK, but the space is magnificent.

            And order chicken noodle soup as often as possible as it is usually done very well.