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Sep 4, 2013 06:42 AM

Do I Finally Just Give Up on MA Peaches?

Let's be honest, Georgia is a much better climate for peaches, plums, etc.

In a good year, MA peaches can be pretty good, even excellent. But this summer was terrible, heat early messed up flowering, deluge made what fruit there was watery, and then lack of HEAT in August meant the fruit never got sweet. Mushy, flavorless, blech, my kids won't touch them.

This may have been the worst year for stone fruit in MA that I can remember, but it is never great. I may just stick with trucked in peaches in the future, and wait for the (EXCELLENT) apples.

As an aside, in our new digs in Concord half the houses have old apple trees (sadly ours doesn't) and no one seems to pick them. When we walk around our hood we help our selves to the ones hanging over the paths as most of the apples just fall to the ground. Now cause the trees are totally neglected the apples are smallish, irregular, sometimes with mottled/funky skin. But Oh the apples! I now know which trees grow the really excellent varieties and hit those regularly. Firm, flavorful, sweet, excellent apples. My kids love them.

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  1. Not sure where you are getting you local peaches this year but the ones from my trees have been just as good as past years.
    If I can only keep the squirrels from getting them I'd have more to enjoy.

    1. Oh, that's sad. Summer fruit is one of the best things. Not peaches, but I got some nectarines from the farm stand at the Davis Flea (Dick's I think) that were just amazing. So juicy and flavorful, the best fruit I had all summer. Not super convenient to Concord, but closer than Georgia at least. :)

      1. I also had the most amazing local nectarines in a long time from Wilson Farm this past weekend - hoping they are still there and as good - perfectly ripe, sweet, fragrant, and juicy!

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          Right, and we've had Wilson's peaches which were/are still the juiciest, sweetest I had in a long time.

        2. That is surprising, a friend has been getting them at honeypot orchards and said they were great this year, but the season is getting close to being over anyway, can't wait for empire and jonathan apples to be ready.

          1. A couple weeks ago I got some incredible peaches from Atkins Farm out in Amherst. Large, fragrant and juicy. I was tempted to make the 90 min drive out there for more.