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Sep 4, 2013 06:04 AM

Solo dining around Omni Shoreham

Hey guys,

Long time lurker first time poster. I'm going to DC in a few weeks for a conference and will have some opportunities for a few meals. This is my first trip ever and I will be staying at the Omni Shoreham. I've been doing my research on the board and seems like the Cleveland Park and Adams Morgan areas are good bets. Here are some of the common ones so far.

Cleveland Park

New Heights
Medium Rare

Adams Morgan

Mintwood Cafe

My main question is which of these would be reasonable for a solo diner?

Thanks so much....really looking foward to some good food.

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  1. I think Mintwood and Cashions would be fine for solo dining---especially if you are comfortable dining at the bar. Same goes for Ripple and Ardeo (where I have dined solo before). I wouldn't go to Palena's main dining room solo but I think you can definitely dine alone in the cafe.

    1. Ok, so here is my tip for a newbie: no matter what you read about a restaurant, the only thing that matters is what you actually order and eat. General or blanket recs don't help you out if you order the one thing that is lousy at a good restaurant or if you avoid the one great dish at an otherwise mediocre place.

      I'm not sure what you mean with your 'reasonable' question.

      First, go to Mintwood Place and get the flammekueche. In addition to being outrageously delicious, it is only $12.

      Go to Casa Oaxaca and get the pork ribs with the mole verde. Before that, the enmolados with mole negro are a terrific starter.

      Go to Locolat and get either the garlic waffles with 'beer beef stew' 'queen's delight' or the pesto waffles with escargot. If you want to spend more money, any of the dark sea salt or buttercream chocolates are terrific.

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      1. re: Steve

        Honestly if you go to Mintwood there are few things you could order where you could wrong. I think the roast chicken is the best in the city. The brownie sundae is also decadent and delicious.

      2. Thank you for the recs they are exactly what I'm looking for. Also I'm sorry if my initial post was unclear. I'm not a newb to the foodie world just never been to DC. I will pretty much eat anything and don't have much restriction as far as price goes.

        By reasonable for a solo diner I simply meant a place with either good bar dining or that will seat a single diner. I've called a few places that won't reserve a table for a single diner so I figured I would ask people that might have done it.

        And I completely agree about the individual dish vs restaurant recommendations I just generally try to keep things simple when I'm asking people for help so as not to be a pain.

        Again thanks, the help is appreciated.

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        1. re: jmanderson10

          If you are willing to eat at the bar, then you do not need reservations. Especially midweek.

          Open Table, the reservation service used by so many restaurants, does not discriminate against solo diners, AFAIK.

          There is no bar at Locolat, but no need to reserve. It is way too informal for that.

          Bon Ap!