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Sep 4, 2013 05:25 AM


Every so often I pass by this restaurant in the Edgemont area on Route 3 and am always attracted by its charming looks.
Is it good Japanese or just your average fare?

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  1. I just had dinner there on Sat. 8/31. It was very good. I believe it is owned by Azie. Very extensive menu. We had sushi roll, seaweed salad, chicken cups and grouper. All good.. Nice crowd. Good service and excellent martinis. Bartender put on the Temple game for me. Most importantly, my wife who is a picky eater had a lot to choose from.

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      Thanks. I think we'll give it a try on Saturday.
      I hear Azie in Radnor is closing. (I think they are all owned by Yangming)

    2. It's just as cute inside. Great food and the prices reflect that.

      1. Teikoku is owned by Win and Sutida Soomboonsong who own Azie in Media and Mikaido Thai Pepper in Ardmore in additon to Teikoku and the Azie in Villanova.

        I have eaten at Teikoku a couple of times but not for a couple of years. Sorry but I have forgotten the particulars but do remember that I enjoyed my meals there.

          1. Just returned from a delightful dinner where one could hear one talk and the atmosphere was calm and inviting.
            The dinner was delicous. I had an appetizer of vegetarian rice wrapped rolls with noodles and veggies inside. I also had the Kobe steak on a hot block which was wow.
            The chicken Satay was a bit too well done for my taste but then again it was done with 5 thin pieces on a skewer -- a tough thing to keep tender.
            My mate had a duck appetizer and Chilean sea bass and though he was a wee bit disappointed in the sea bass which he thought was too well done, he flipped for the duck appetizer which was enough for an entree sized meal.
            Service was friendly and efficient.
            We will return.