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Sep 4, 2013 04:52 AM

Mexican restaurant near Sofitel Los Angeles

I would really appreciate any suggestions for a good Mexican or Contemporary American restaurant near the Sofitel in LA.

It will be a reunion of 6 to 12 high school friends who would like to talk and catch up. We don't need fancy or trendy but would like a nice atmosphere, e.g. Maggiano's at the Grove; but we've been there and would like to try something different. Actually, suggestions of any cuisine (except Asian, since we live in Australia and have our choice of excellent Asian restaurants there) would be very welcome. Thanks a million!!!

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  1. Mercado is just opening up on 3rd St.

    1. I stay at the Sofitel because it is so close to Red Medicine. It is mixed American, International/European, molecular gastronomy, and Vietnamese. Guess that's might be called contemporary American these days. It's probably the most exciting. If you go order one of theore substantial sharing dishes like the beef brisket and/or pork belly and the brussel sprouts. Think of everything else like appetizers.

      Otherwise, Son of a Gun might fit your bill or contemporary American. It's seafood heavy. Food in general is also a bit heavier and the space is cramped. But it's tasty and probably something you can't find back home.

      Up the street is Lucques. It's considered Californian-Mediterranean cuisine. It's kind of boring for me since there are better versions in SF and around town but many like it.

      Hatfield's is a little further away and also contemporary American. The menu is very similar to what I'm seeing in Syndney and Melbourne though. I'm researching a trip to Australia and looking for contemporary Australian myself. Avoiding Asian since we do it so well in LA. Funny :-)

      1. I would see if AOC could give you a table on the patio. AOC would be an easy walk from your hotel if you wanted to leave your car out of the equation.

        If you try to catch up at Red Medicine, or even Son of a Gun (both of which are very good in terms of their food) you had better be excellent lip readers. Lucques could work on the patio too. But even their patio can get pretty noisy on a warm summer night.

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          True, Red Medicine can be very energetic and lively. Some people find it difficult to converse in that setting. Some like myself really enjoy the vibe and experience.

          If OP is looking for some place more quiet to catch up, than Hatfield's should be higher on the list.

          1. re: Porthos

            " Some people find it difficult to converse in that setting."

            Only the non-expert lip readers and those who refuse to text their dining companions, instead of talking to them, find it difficult to converse at Red Medicine...

        2. I hear Petty Cash is very cool Mexican and close by. Plan to try it next week.

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          1. re: Thor123

            Petty Cash is really nice, has a fun vibe and really good food. The price can add up quickly if you are not careful though.

            1. re: AAQjr

              Any particular suggestions there?

              1. re: Thor123

                They do offer a $35 and a $45 prix fixe tasting there, so that might a good option to take to sample a variety of dishes but keep costs at bay...



                1. re: TripleAxel

                  Thanks. What are the best dishes?

          2. the 3rd Stop has great happy hour specials and a nice collection of beer and wine on tap...nothing like drinking on the patio overlooking the yellow tower urology sign at cedars!