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Sep 3, 2013 10:13 PM

Lamb Kebab on Vermont Ave. in Koreatown

A Feng Mao type of place has opened up on Vermont. The signage says Lamb Kebab with both Chinese and Korean lettering, though yelpers call it Dong Fang. All kinds of lamb, beef and chicken parts on a stick, as well as potato kebab. Also random Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken. Street address is 1101 S. Vermont.

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  1. I went there recently and it was an interesting experience. The kebabs are heavily coated with a cumin-based seasoning, and the chunks of meat are small - you get many little skewers here. The banchan was mostly uninteresting, though there was a tasty spicy pickled radish item. We also tried their grilled quail, but probably wouldn't order it on a return visit - it was OK but nothing special. The lamb was the highlight of the meal, and if I was in the area I might go back for more, but I don't think I'd make a special trip for it.

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      1. re: FoodObsessive

        do they cook it for you?

        how does it compare to all the places in 626?

          1. re: blimpbinge

            They come by and turn it if you leave it longer than they think is appropriate. I haven't had this cuisine in the 626, so can't compare.

            1. re: FoodObsessive

              I just went here and thought everything was extremely mediocre, if not bad. The chicken kebab was tasteless, the pork dumplings bland and holding almost no pork. lamb a little better. banchan not high quality. place was empty.